一號出口 Gate One Cafe Shop


一號出口 Gate One Cafe Shop
886 (02) 8668-0855

I spent practically the whole day at this coffee shop during one of those days I was in Taiwan.  My mom wasn’t in the mood to go out and just wanted to rest that day.  I didn’t want to tour around alone so I decided to just go online.  Good thing, ä¸€è™Ÿå‡ºå£ Gate One Cafe Shop has free internet available for all their guests.

I entered around 11AM, the server was still arranging the table & stuff hahaha!  She let me in and apologized as she need to finish setting up the place.

I browsed through their menu and noticed the sign that they have.


The set menu was 170NT.  It included the ff.:

  • Soup
  • Side Dishes (Vegetables & Tofu)
  • Main Dish w/ Rice (Choice of Pork, Beef, Fish)
  • Drink (Choice of Green or Red Tea, Add 20NT for Coffee)

For brunch, I ordered their sweet and sour pork set menu.  I must say that i was impressed!  The beef was just so tender and the sauce!!!  It was perfect!!   I truly enjoyed my meal and was able to finish some task online.  The serving was pretty generous too!!





People frequent this place even though it isn’t really located at the city proper.  The coffee shop has this welcoming effect.  Their Internet is free but plugging in your device will cost you 10NT per hour.  I spent around 7 hours in this place but I was charged only 50NT.


At around 4-5PM, I started to get hungry (again).  The owner offered to cook my food herself and offered their fried rice.  It wasn’t on the menu but she recommended it.  It was 150NT w/ soup & drink.  I chose beef this time.  I felt there was too much pepper in the dish but it was good.  I liked the sweet & sour pork though.  😛


The rest of the pictures can be found here.


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8 observations on “一號出口 Gate One Cafe Shop
  1. davedewall

    What a great site! I truly enjoyed reading the blog entries, and the photos were just fantastic. Signed up as a follower! Really a great job. I'm an American living nearby in the Philippines, and I will have to visit this Cafe.

  2. Tanyia

    It sounds like you had a lovely day there 🙂 A nice quaint place to spend a little time to yourself…I need to find a place like that once in a while as well.


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