哈瓦那咖啡 (Harwana Coffee)


哈瓦那咖啡 (Harwana Coffee)

I had brunch at 哈瓦那咖啡 (Harwana Coffee) w/ my mom.  It is located inside the Eslite Bookstore located at the ground floor of CKSC National Theater Hall.

哈瓦那咖啡 (Harwana Coffee) was established in 1999 & it now has 12 branches in Taiwan.  I really like this place.  They have free wifi available and their food is good!

Service was impressive!  I noticed that the servers were young & I think they are still studying and working part-time.  They were very fast, smart and soooooo accommodating & nice.  I don’t know what kind of training the company does but it surely worked real well!

We ordered their set menu worth 180NT that included the ff.:

  • choice of main dish
  • choice of drink
  • soup of the day

We were served the soup first.  Honestly, it was sooooo delicious.  It was spicy but it was made just right.  See how happy I was in the picture?



My mom ordered Beef Pasta & Orange Juice.  My mom was able to finish it all up so I guess, she was satisfied.  I can see how happy she was since she could browse the web. hahaha!  I guess mom and daughter are really alike as we are both addicted to the internet!



I, on the other hand, ordered Spaghetti w/ Sausage & Iced Coffee.  I’m not fond of pasta but I definitely like å“ˆç“¦é‚£å’–å•¡ (Harwana Coffee)’s version.  It was tasty.  I didn’t like the sausage that much though, but the pasta was good!  How I wish we have this restaurant here in Manila.  It definitely give Starbucks a run for their money.



Rest of the pictures here.

My mom opted to stay at the coffee shop while I toured around CKSC Memorial Hall (I will post later).  When I came back 2 hours later, she was still smiling because she was able to finish all the things she needed to do online.  The ambience of the place is really good, you will feel relaxed when you’re there.  I also saw a musician on the other table trying to compose some songs.  We could even hear him humming!


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