My Favorite Stinky Tofu in Taipei

Whenever I think of Taipei, I think of 臭豆腐 Stinky Tofu.

My mom accompanied me to a stall near the 中和市興南觀光夜市 (Zhong He night market), located at Nan Shan Road.  My mom assured me that they have the best è‡­è±†è… stinky tofu.  No other version could beat this!


臭豆腐 stinky tofu at long last (& for only 40NT)!  My mom bought intestine misua (35NT).  The owners were soooooo nice, I even took a video of them preparing for our orders.  You can hear me speaking mandarin in the video! :P

Here is the finished product:


It didn’t disappoint.  It definitely was the best è‡­è±†è… stinky tofu I have tried during my Taiwan trip. When I tried the versions from other night markets, I was like craving for this one.  This è‡­è±†è… stinky tofu really tasted the best.  The couple who owns the store is sooooo adorable & nice.

Rest of the pictures here.

If ever I do have a chance to go back to Taipei, I’ll definitely visit this place again and eat lots of their 臭豆腐 stinky tofu! :)

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  • earthlingorgeous

    Stinky? para ba yang yung durian ang sama ng amoy pero masarap? But I do like tofu :)

  • cocoy

    Tofu!!!! yum!!!

  • Roch

    yep pero I didn't Durian hahahah Just came back from Davao :P

  • Roch

    yum as in yum talga! promise! :)

  • edelweiss_19

    stinky tofu? does it smell bad? i've no idea. i have only eaten regular tofu. what's the difference? hehe. :)

  • Roch

    yep it smells bad… just like what earth mentioned below parang durian… :P

    super sarap stinky tofu promise, I can't pinpoint the difference, it's just that good :D

  • edelweiss_19

    haha, really? oh well, hope to sample that soon. salamat sa paliwanag. :)

  • cesarleonesjr

    wow you speak mandarin very well and cute voice hahaha… tai hao le ;)

  • Roch

    hahaha you watched the video! thanks :)

  • leia ophelia

    i love tofu, but sadly i have never tried stinky tofu. how stinky is it. i think it is definitely a culinary adventure i would one day like to embark on.

  • Roch

    do try it when you go to Taipei :)

  • benison

    ang galing mag koh gui, sanay ka cguro gumawa ng tsok bun. :)

  • Roch

    hahaha hatest chinese subject ko nga tsok bun eh :P

  • benison

    eh ako kalawang na kalawang ako sa tsok bun, barok barok style ng composition ko lagi. 78%, 80% highest ko na yun sa tsok bun

  • Roch

    I think that was also my grade before hahaha! :P

  • K.noizki

    The intestine misua is my favorite. It is now so popular in HK.

    I smelled someone's cooking delicious stinky tofu from JaypeeOnline site and I found it here, literally ;)

  • Roch


    There's no stinky tofu or intestine misua here in Manila… so I really miss the food already :(

    When I visit HK, I'll look for the intestine misua hehehehe :D:D

  • Mvflojo

    I worked in Taiwan for 3 yrs, heto yung tipong  dumidikit sa clothes ang smell. pero masarap. 

  • Mvflojo

    yan yung tipong dumidikit sa clothes ang amoy. pero masarap