人間 People Restaurant Taipei


人間 People Restaurant Taipei
21-1 Dun Hua South Rd Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan 106
886 (02) 2577-2727

A lot of people frequent this place.  It serves chinese food.  First impression was, this definitely will charge us real big that even though we would love to eat often, it wouldn’t be possible. hehehehe 😛

When we went down the stairs, a very big door greeted us.  There was no way for us to open it by pushing or pulling it.  You really have to figure it out REAL hard before you’ll be able to find out.  Some, if not most people wouldn’t be able to discover how to do this until they call the restaurant.

I’ll teach you the trick. It was a good thing my mom already knew how so it was very easy for us. See the picture below? You have to put your hand inside the hole and press then waaaaaalaahh the door opens 🙂


That’s just the start. The food was deliciously good!!!! I especially loved the fried rice we ordered. I can just eat it on its own. Thinking about the experience makes me feel hungry!

Here are what we ordered:

  • Fried Rice with Salmon & Eggs (200NT)

awwww… this dish!!!  This diiiiishh!!!!  What can I say?  I just loved it!!!  It was sooooo delicious considering I’m not fond of salmon.  It was just perfect.  You should really order this when you dine at People Restaurant Taipei.  I just wish I can take this home to the Philippines!  I miss this dish already!  Bring me back please?

  • Bamboo Shoot & Chicken Clear Soup (100NT)

  • Burdock & Beef Clear Soup (100NT)

Loved the beef!!! It was very tender but this was one expensive soup, good for one!

  • Pan-Fried Sea Bream w/ Garlic (360NT)

I first saw garlic cooked like this when we were invited for dinner at a colleague’s place. I still wonder how they prepared the garlic. I’m thinking they boiled it then cut it in half and put sesame oil? Anyhow, the fish was just okay for me.

  • Special Iced Milk Tea (160NT)

  • Deep-Fried Prawns in Pomelo & Lime Sauce (420NT)

Five pieces of shrimp fried to perfection with pomelo and lime sauce poured on each piece. Beautifully served with five lemon slices.  It is a dish to enjoy.

Rest of the pictures here.


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6 observations on “人間 People Restaurant Taipei
  1. edelweiss_19

    hi roch! nice place. think the garlic was cut in half and then slightly roasted in a pan or oven… 🙂


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