Real Living Room by Room Makeover Book Launch


Last friday, I attended the Real Living’s Room by Room Makeover Book Launch.  I was really excited to attend this event as I have wanted to renovate our house.

I have been struggling for months to renovate my house due to water leaks in my upstairs bathroom.  To repair would be substantial & so I’ve been looking for better ways to fix it.

Real Living is a magazine that gives its readers makeovers to their home.  Now, they came up with a book that compiled amazing room-by-room transformations w/ before & after pictures.

In partnership w/ Robinson’s Handyman, Real Living Room by Room Makeover book was launched at Robinson’s Ermita.


Real Living managing director Tisha Alvarez-Angluben gave a talk on how NOT to win a makeover.


I remember specifically these items which she noted like providing pictures of:

  • an empty space
  • intentionally messed up space/area

Designer Hannah Acab-Faustino discussed instant makeovers & shared spaces.  She showed us some before & after pictures as well as how she designed to make it look so good.


My takeaway from this talk are these steps to a successful home makeover:
R – Re-think
E – Establish
D – Design
O – Order

Pictures from the event can be found here.

For just Php120, the book will definitely give you lots of tips on space planning, organizing, color schemes and a lot more.  The Do-It-Yourself projects will show us how we can transform our home even with just a short amount of time & money.  Now available at bookstores & newsstands.  I have a copy myself! 🙂


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10 observations on “Real Living Room by Room Makeover Book Launch
  1. Maan

    Wow! An RL book! I wish I knew there's an event like this. =)
    Teacher Hannah is my design professor and she writes for RL too.
    I'll surely get a copy of this book.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. robertyoungph

    Thanks for posting Make Over. I have two bed rooms I like to redo too. My son is coming home next year. But I dont want to do it myself. Can you recommend someone affordable? Haha.

  3. Jodi

    Hi, I found you through Entrecards and had to comment on this post because it piqued my interest. That magazine/book and event sound real interesting. I always enjoy those home make overs on TV, and it would be much more fun to attend a talk on one in real life.


  4. Sharleen

    Great design mag roch! Thanks.. It was a big help for me in choosing wall shades for my kids' bedrooms and pretty furnitures that match.. =)


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