二二八人文咖啡館 Relax 228 Coffee Shop


二二八人文咖啡館 Relax 228 Coffee Shop
#3 Ketagalan Blvd., Taipei, Taiwan
886 (02) 23897228

My mom and I had our merienda here. Relax Coffee Shop is located at the 2-2-8 Memorial Museum. We ordered some desserts and rested here before we started touring the place.

True to its name, the coffee shop’s ambiance really gives this relaxing feeling.  That’s why we opted to have desserts there before touring, right?  There were lots of mature (hehe!) men and women hanging out there.  I also saw a big group of officemates dining together.  Some of their visitors seemed to be there for hours just talking about stuff.  Relax 228 Coffee Shop just has this welcoming feeling that guests would want to stay and have coffee in.


I ordered their cake+nai cha bundle (99NT).  The Nai Cha is just normal.  Nothing special, but I surely prefer this over the iced teas served here in Manila hehehe 😛  The cake is lemon-flavored, very unique.


My mom, on the other hand ordered 2 scoops of Movenpick Ice Cream (79NT per scoop).  The ice cream was just too expensive!!  My mom said that Movenpick is an expensive brand of iced cream (I guess the same as Haagen Dazs here?).  It was nice to see my mom’s face lighten up when she saw that the coffee shop has Movenpick 🙂


Rest of the pictures here.


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4 observations on “二二八人文咖啡館 Relax 228 Coffee Shop
  1. cocoy

    the world will be a better place if ice cream was the currency. 🙂 i want ice cream now, roch heheh. *goes and looks for ice cream*


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