中和市興南觀光夜市 Zhong He Night Market

After dinner, my mom and I went ahead and walked around the 中和市興南觀光夜市 (Zhong He night market).


The luggage that I brought with me to Taipei at the time wasn’t big enough to put the PS3 that I brought.  So I was set to buy an additional luggage for the machine.

As what other night markets in Taiwan have, 中和市興南觀光夜市 has shops, food stalls, even arcade! Bargains anywhere… the things are just cheap!  I bought pajamas at 100NT only (that’s a whole set composed of blouse & pants, mind you).




Of all the night markets in Taipei that we visited, I think this has the least number of people.  I guess because it wasn’t located at the city proper.  This is already at the farthest part of Taipei.  I just realized that shopping is far more comfortable with less people! hahahaha!

There was a shop that caught my eye.  I was looking at it with awe hehehe.  My mom explained that the shop where we could freely rent a squared space for a certain amount and we can sell anything in that space.  I bet the one who rented the squared-shaped spaces are all young people.  The things they sell were sooooo cute!


More pictures here.

Before I forget, I was able to buy a new luggage which looked like a Burberry bag & for only 480NT!!  It is really elegant looking 🙂


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4 observations on “中和市興南觀光夜市 Zhong He Night Market
  1. Roch

    my feet hurt that time but right after my mom told me that we're going to eat stinky tofu! I forgot being tired! hahaha will post it next 🙂


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