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Last week, I got invited to an event that I thought was a product launch.  When I arrived at the venue, I got the shock of my life that it was actually a mommy event!!!  I was like, what am I doing here?  I’m single & no baby hahahaha!

Honestly, this is one of the most informative & most organized event that I have attended.  This is very crucial for mommies.  I learned a lot from it even though I don’t think it’s applicable to me.  As information is so much useful, I’ll just share with you what I learned. :)

The event was hosted by Tintin Bersola & the speakers were Johnson & Johnson executives & Doctor Rivera.  They shared with us how important sleep is for infants.  We were presented with theories of sleep.  Things like stages of sleep, wake/sleep pattern development, functions of sleep, sleep evaluation & sleep problems in babies.


What better way to educate us than to provide a demo right?  They did just that and it was truly a learning experience especially for mommy bloggers who attended the event.  Let me share with you Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Routine.  This is a clinically proven technique that can result to better sleep for babies.

There are 3 steps that mommies should follow to promote better sleep of their baby:

  • A Warm Bath
This is an action to signal your baby that it’s time for bed.  Warm water coupled with gentle lather will soothe the baby.

  • Massage
A soothing, gentle massage that helps a baby relax.  This is also good for baby’s bone development.  There are 2 massages here: One is “I Love You” massage where you’ll make up the letters I, L & U by focusing on massaging the chest and stomach.  Next is the milking technique wherein you concentrate on massaging the arms and legs of the baby.

  • Some Quiet Time
This is where you spend quality time with your baby.  Activities like singing lullabye & putting powder right after diaper change to keep baby comfortable during the night.  It’s best to put powder in areas like the back, underarms & other hard to reach areas.

Johnson & Johnson has a product line which is best suited for the bedtime routine.  I’m pretty sure my mom used J&J products when I was still a baby.  Right now, J&J has improved their products for the mommies to have the best products for their babies’ development & care.


You can also go to this site and take the sleep profiler to find out if your baby is getting the most out of her/his sleep. :)

Check out the pictures from the event here.

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