Breakfast at Dongwu Hotel Taipei


東吳大飯店 Dong Wu Hotel Taipei
258, Section 2, Yan-Ping North Road, 103 Taipei, Taiwan
886 (02) 2557-1261

Dong Wu Hotel Taipei is located at the heart of Taipei that is a small and elegant hotel.  I enjoyed our stay there as it was clean, neat, quiet and has free wifi!!

We stayed there from September 18 to 21 and of course, free breakfast is included in our room rate.  Every morning, we made it a point to go down to the basement to eat the buffet breakfast.

Non-hotel guests can also eat breakfast for 198NT.

It is an eat-all-you-can buffet that serves the usual breakfast items that we see in Taiwan.  It’s just ordinary, nothing special but still, it makes our stomach full so we can be well and ready for our long day ahead 🙂





By the way, my favorite is their congee. This one I really, really love! Don’t forget to put the condiments in the congee especially the bread. It makes a lot of difference on the taste.


Before I forget to mention, the ambiance was really nice.  They had bookshelves full of books, magazines and newspapers for us to read.  They also have LCD television on display and cozy chairs for those who will be staying long, tinkering with their laptops.

More pictures here.


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4 observations on “Breakfast at Dongwu Hotel Taipei
  1. Agnes

    pag ito di napost ewan ko na lang hahaha! just want to say na nagutom ako lalo sa mga pagkain dito. sa gutom ko, di na ako marunong mag english hahaha! blog lang ng blog, roch. i will keep on reading. btw, i enjoy your blogs ha esp about the foods hehe! keep on. GOD bless all that you're doing 😀 thanks again for last sat, sobrang thank you! and for the blog of course! 😀 😀

  2. Roch

    hahahahahaa! Thank you! It's just so fulfilling doing charity work. It's just heartwarming. Looking forward to our next events! 🙂


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