Giving Help to Sitio Maislap

My time at Sitio Maislap is one of the most heartwarming experiences.  Seeing my friend and pastors giving time to help out the people in need and knowing friends & former colleagues shelling out money to give out to the poor is just touching.

Sitio Maislap, Baranggay San Isidro is located at Montalban Rizal.  Shailoh Church, Rock Church together with the help of my former colleague Agnes organized this charity event yesterday.  We were able to reach out to 50 families with over 70 children.


The day started with 4 very young kids sharing the word of God with 80 other kids.  Mario, Paula, Verna and Charisse were there spending their time teaching the kids about how to be good little angels. They base their teachings on a book called, “Magagandang Katangian – Aking Tutularan”.

I was just so impressed and touched by them even though they are still in school themselves.  They already know how to give back to the community.  I’m sure their parents are proud of them.


We arrived at around lunchtime.  So we started to provide lunch to the families & kids.  It’s sad that there are so many poor families in our country.  Seeing them so happy with the food we prepared is just humbling.  Most of them had already lost their homes due to the Typhoon Ondoy flood.  Most of them only earn Php100 a day from garbage collection.


Our next activity was sharing of God’s word.  The pastors divided the adults into groups and each of them shared the word of God like what Christians usually do during a bible study group meeting.


While the grown-ups were doing their bible study, I spent my time talking with the cute kids!  They love taking pictures hahahah!  They kept asking me if I could take picture of them & there were just too enthusiastic when I was already holding my camera to take pictures of them.  Here is a picture of me with the adorable kids of Sitio Maislap, Barangay San Isidro:


Lastly, we gave out the relief goods to the families there.  The pastor concluded the event by prayer.  This is really such a heartwarming event, I’m just touched by how good-hearted some people are & in spite of saddening condition of our government.  It gives me hope that there are Filipinos out there doing these things to help out fellow filipinos.


Here is the group of volunteers who took time out and made this event a success:


More pictures here.

Next stop is Pangasinan on December, if you wanna help out, leave a comment here 🙂


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3 observations on “Giving Help to Sitio Maislap
  1. Rodolfo Santos

    I salute all of you guys especially to ate agnes I hope dumami pa ang lahi nyo. I wish I can go with you next time


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