New Moon was Eye Candy


I was lucky enough to catch the premiere of New Moon by Wrangler last week.  Thanks to Jonel for giving me his extra ticket.  I’m glad I was one of many who got to watch the movie before it opened in theaters nationwide.

What can I say?  The movie was TOTALLY eye candy.  Jacob’s overly toned abs & body overshadowed the story, literally!  He was just too sexy to watch.  Almost all the girls cheered when Jacob came out without any shirt on.  To be honest, my eyes were glued on the screen as well.  He was just yummy! hahahaha!

Edward on the other hand, really looked like a vampire.  His make up was too obvious and too white.  I could even hear people joking that Edward was wearing the same lipstick as Bella.  He just looked too pathetic in the movie as well.

I’m team Jacob definitely, just because he’s so manly and sexy!  So which team are you on?  Team Edward or Team Jacob?


Sorry too carried away by Jacob’s awesome body! 😛  Anyway, the story evolved between the love of 2 guys with Bella.  Edward’s family thew a birthday party for Bella.  There, Bella accidentally got paper cut and she almost got killed by Edward’s brother.  Because of this, Edward decided to break up with her to protect her.  He then left with the rest of his adopted family.

Bella was heartbroken and found comfort through Jacob.  Apparently, Jacob is a werewolf & they’re enemies of vampires.  There was even a treaty between werewolves & Edward’s family that they will not attack each other as long as Edward’s family never bites a human.  But Bella was determined to be transformed into a vampire so she could be with Edward right?  What will happen then?  I’ll let you find out yourself.

The premiere night was star-studded.  I think more than half of the theater was occupied by models.  Obviously, since it was sponsored by wrangler.  Everyone was wearing Wrangler apparel.  I, however, was wearing a Wrangler-inspired outfit!  Here we are goofing at the Wrangler picture area.



By the way, my rating for New Moon? 4 out of 5 stars (mainly because of Jacob!).

More pictures here.


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