Taipei Water Park


自來水園區 Taipei Water Park
No. 1, Siyuan Street, Taipei Taiwan
886 (02) 8369-5104

After lunch, we were walking around the area when we noticed the “Taipei Water Park”.

However, when we entered, it seemed like it was abandoned or closed.  The pool had no water.   There were no attendants by the ticket booth.  There were no people inside.

It seemed like a great place so we took pictures anyway, even without the flowing water around the park.


As I researched, Taipei Water Park was built to educate people about the history of Taiwan with regard to main water development.  I saw in their official website that we seemed to have dropped by Gongguan Tourist Service Center of the Park.

Even without the water, the pictures still look superb!


Rest of the pictures here.


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4 observations on “Taipei Water Park
  1. Mike

    Hi Rosh,
    I really enjoy your blog – relaxed, informative and I love the pictures, they really convey a sense of “being there”.


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