寶藏巖 Treasure Hill


寶藏巖 Treasure Hill
Lane 230, Sec. 3, Dingzhou Rd., Taipei
886 (02) 2364-8105

Beside Taipei Water Park is the 寶藏巖 Treasure Hill.  I really wished we entered because I missed a whole lot!  Apparently, Treasure Hill was once a village full of unauthorized houses.  It then formally became a village featuring buildings as if it was in history.

see this AMAZING picture I got from wikipedia

I was only able to take pictures of the entrance.  Hayyy, I really feel bad.  If we only knew, we could have entered and seen at least a reflection of Taiwan history.


I really thought that it was just a place for bicycle riders as it has bicycle signs all over the entrance (even on the floor!).   I missed big time one of the must-see destinations in Taiwan. :'(


Treasure Hill photo album here.


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