Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe


Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe
84 Scout Castor corner Scout Tuazon, Baranggay Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 374-8470 local 107

Last Wednesday, I was able to catch up with a super long-lost friend.  I was too hungry as I just finished my usual wednesday work-related conference calls.  It was late and since there were too many cars along Tomas Morato Street in Quezon City, we decided to meet up at Wheatberry along Scout Castor Street.

I’ve been there before but only tried out their desserts then.  I liked their desserts so I was a bit excited to find out if their meals were good as well.

Wheatberry didn’t disappoint.  I loved their food!  I’ll definitely go back to try out their other dishes ๐Ÿ˜€

Here are what we ordered:

  • Melon Shake (Php 85)

Looking at the shake’s color, I couldn’t believe that it was melon shake.  I came late so this was already ordered by my friend.  I said it definitely was either lemon or apple shake.  Apparently, it really was melon shake! hahahaha.

  • Grape Shake (Php 85)

Of all the fruit shakes, I can say that grape shake has always been my choice.  Whether it’s red grape or white grape, I just love it!  I always order this every chance I get.

  • Poached Fish Fillet (Php 190)

I was definitely impressed & pleasantly surprised.  This fish was served with sesame oil, soy sauce, leeks & mushroom.  The serving was just generous and it tasted soooo good!  2 people can share this dish but I was able to finish it myself!  That was how good it was.  Healthy & Yummy!  This dish is served with Plain Rice.

  • Brownies (Php 38)

  • Cupcake (Php 40)

As I’ve mentioned, I already know Wheatberry have delicious desserts.  Cakes.  Cupcakes. Creampuffs.  Brownies.  Heaven totally!

  • Chocopeanut Creampuff (Php 40)

  • Fruit Torte (Php 700)

This cake looked so yummy and I couldn’t help but stare.  Later on, I just took a picture!

Good food and great customer service is just an awesome combination!  Thankfully Wheatberry has both.  Kudos to the operations manager for having such great staff and not only that, they serve good food as well.


More Wheatberry pictures here.


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11 observations on “Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe
  1. Ed Gatioan

    Wow Siobe, you're really a great blogger. I enjoyed the very late dinner and happy to know that you've reached new height in your career. keep it up and keep searching… hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. chefarnold

    Hi Rochelle Chua! I'm so happy that you like the Poached Fish Fillet. The dish is Cantonese inspired. I hope you could come back and try the other dishes like the Pork Hamonado, (my award winning dish) Calamares en Tinta Negra and the Spicy Tinapa in Tomato Sauce (bottled).

    See you soon.
    Chef Arnold Bernardo

  3. chefarnold

    Your very much welcome! Thanks again for the lovely comment on the staff, beverage and the food. See you soon!

  4. Jociel

    Hello, I like WheatBerry's blueberry pancake breakfast meals! Yum and the Bailey's chocolate creampuffs are awesome. Chef Arnold, Kudos!


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