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Recently, I was with a group of friends who I’ve known since 2002.  We met up to have our Christmas lunch.  We talked about our lives, what has been happening lately when it comes to work and other stuff.  We did this with good food served at Cibo located at the uppermost floor of powerplant mall.

For someone like me, Cibo’s menu is really HARD to read.  I don’t know what language it is.  If there were no descriptions underneath it, I wouldn’t know what the heck the food was.  I was really having a hard time taking note of what we ordered hahaha!  So it is best that we just skip with the name and look at the descriptions of each menu item. 😛

One thing that I also always remember to order whenever I go to Cibo is their potato chips.  This time I didn’t order because I was late!  When I arrived, their orders already came so I don’t have time to have the snack anymore

Here are what we ordered:

  • Uva Bianca – White Grape (Php 110)
grape cibo

There are 2 kinds of grape, red and white.  I ordered white grape because I don’t want any red grape skin hiding beneath my teeth ehehehhe.  I’ve always loved fresh grape shake though I heard that Cibo’s orange juice also taste good.   I still opted to order this.

  • Funghi Praga (Php 185)
cibo dips

Dips made of mushroom and smoked cooked ham served with mini toasted breads.  This has always been the preferred appetizer for Cibo customers.

  • Crema Di Zucca Pancetta (Php 185)
cibo soup

Squash soup with cream and bacon bits.  I didn’t order this but my friends said that this was delicious.  I’m really not fond of squash but I’ll try to order this the next time I visit Cibo.

  • Salsiccia Alla Griglia (Php 298)
sausage cibo

My order was a sausage.  I just love sausages.  If you have been reading my blog, you probably have noticed it by now.  This is Cibo’s version of grilled sausage.  It is garnished with yellow and red peppers, tomato sauce and served with rice.  Yumyum!  This is delicious!  The sausage was very juicy and tasty.

  • Penne Dela Terra (Php 443)
pasta cibo

My friends wanted the same pasta so they ordered the bigger serving Penne Dela Terra and had it split into 2.  If you’re alone, you can just order the single serving at Php253.  This is pasta with mushroom trifolati, goat cheese, parmesan cream & stewed tomato.

  • Insalata Di Mazo (Php 230)
cibo salad

Roast Beef Tenderloin Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette.  This looked so yummy!  A bigger serving is also available at Php438.

I found it really hard to call out servers at this branch.  With so many people dining at Cibo Powerplant, seems like they need to increase their staff.  But still, a good experience.  I’ll order my favorite home-fried potato chips next time.  I’m craving now, wahhhh!

If you’re interested to take a look at other photos from our Cibo lunch, you can check out the picture here.

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