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Last December 22, I was lucky enough to meet Nick Perlas. Mr. Perlas filed his candidacy for president of the Philippines. He was disqualified by the Commission on Election because they judged that Nick Perlas doesn’t have capacity to wage a national campaign.

Nick Perlas is very much determined to fight for his rights and to lead the protest to reinstate him as presidential candidate.

As of this writing, there are more than 1,800 individuals who have responded to the call to support Nick Perlas. These people are individuals from the Philippines and all over the world. They are mostly people who have known Nick Perlas from his seminars, keynotes & workshops that he had given in several countries.

When we met Mr. Perlas, the bulk of our discussion was about his protest & several opinions shared about the difference between traditional & new politics. Personally, I went into that meeting with the intent to get to know more about Nick Perlas & what his credentials are.

Who is Nick Perlas?

Nick Perlas is not a celebrity nor is he a politician. He isn’t even rich as the other candidates nor a businessman. He is an ordinary citizen like us. Before running for office, Nick Perlas was a global consultant of integral, sustainable development. And before that, Nick Perlas has been adviser to past presidents & politicians. Among other things, he has done a lot to prove that he is fit to be our next president.

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  1. ankol

    Yeah you are right over there cesar. Kaya sa darating na election, huwag kakalimutang iboto Rochelle for Vice congresswoman ng kyusi.!! 😛


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