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ikari coffee

The travel from Leofoo Village was long since it was located far away from Taipei City.  We were like sooooooo hungry already because it was 9PM and we haven’t eaten dinner yet.  So while we were on our way to Shilin Night Market, we dropped by 怡客咖啡 Ikari Coffee to have dinner.

One thing that I noticed while in Taiwan is that their coffee shops serve good food.  In the Philippines, it’s just bread, cakes & coffee.  In Taiwan, the coffee shop is a restaurant of its own.  Ikari Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in Taiwan and I guess I know why.  Their food is yummy!  I loved my order.

The whole process of ordering was also quite admirable!  We ordered at the counter, we paid, we were then given this red thingy that will light up when our order was ready.  We’ll then need to go back to the counter, get our order and give the red thingy back.  Since it was all new to me, I found the red thingy when it lit up like christmas lights to be too cute and entertaining!! hahaha!  I also felt that what they made improved the efficiency for everyone.

order alarm

Here are what we ordered:

  • Yakiniku Sub-Sandwich (90NT)
yakiniku sandwich

  • Yakiniku Rice (118NT)
yakiniku rice

  • Fish Fillet with Salsa Sauce (138NT)
fish and rice

  • Milano Roasted Chicken Drumstick (138NT)
chicken with rice

They had a promo where you could add 45 for a drink, 60 for a drink & soup (which was yummy!) and 75 for drink, soup & dessert.  I didn’t like the dessert of the day so I ordered pumpkin soup with drink and both were just delicious!

pumpkin souptea

If you want to see more pictures about the last dinner we had during our Taiwan vacation, you can find it here.

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2 observations on “Ikari Coffee
  1. Leica

    Ate dinner first before visiting your blog, as i always do. Didn't help. I still want pumpkin soup.

    I will miss the taiwan entries. This was my favourite blog series ever. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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