Lunch at 旭成港式料理


Basement, 臺北國際金融中心 Taipei 101
8 Sung-Chih Road,, Taipei Taiwan, Taiwan

After visiting the awesome observatory of Taipei 101, we went down to the basement to try out their foodcourt.  There were lots of choices: japanese, chinese & western food.  They were all very tempting but we only have one stomach to fill right?

Can you guess what I ate?  I opted for chinese ofcourse!  What’s the point of visiting a foreign country if we don’t eat their own specialty food?

I was choosing between  æ—­æˆæ¸¯å¼æ–™ç† & the famous noodle brand who has their own stall in Taipei 101.  I opted for æ—­æˆ as they are a bit cheaper and I’m already on a budget since I spent so much already during the course of my 10-day Taiwan trip.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Grilled Squid Meal Set (150NT)
grilled squid

Grilled squid with some meat and tofu on the side served with sunny side up egg, soup and rice.  hayyyyy YUMMY!  Would you believe I can still taste it while I’m writing this? hahaha.  Kidding aside, if you guys are in Taipei 101, order this.  It was really good! 🙂  I had to share this meal with my colleague as the serving is also good for 2.

  • Pork Noodles (100NT)
pork soup

My 3 other colleagues ordered the same kind of noodles.  I guess it was the most appealing among all the noodle choices (seafood, pork, beef). The bowl was huge!!! I don’t think I could finish that alone.

The food serving was generous.  I even shared the meal set with my colleague.  It was super worth it and super yummy too!  The pictures can already prove how delicious they were.

This was our last lunch during our Taiwan trip.  I felt really sad that time coz the scenery was good and the food was great.  I just can’t find something like what they were offering in the Philippines.  And oh, that’s not to say, Filipino food is not to die for!

More pictures from our lunch here.

Taipei 101 is such a great place to hang out with shops, food, offices & scenery.  It’s an all-in-one place.  There’s really nothing else you could hope for.

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