The New Friendster is Finally Coming!

Few months back, I posted “is friendster getting revamped ?”  Guess what?  That time has come!  We’re finally going to see some BIG changes to friendster.  They’re on the comeback & it is happening tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚


So login tomorrow afternoon and you’ll see a whole new Friendster.  I myself liked it a lot as I’ve known about the changes for two months now.  I’ve been itching to tell you dear readers about the changes!  Of course, they asked us to keep quiet about it.  Now, I’m glad we got the go signal to tell you! :D:D:D

Gosh! There are sssssoooo many changes! Where do I begin? This is the new, simpler, more fun Friendster that lets you connect and communicate with your friends:

  • easier to upload your photos
  • easier ways to find both current and new friends and their stuff
  • Enhanced Self Expression and Customization that lets you express yourself and personalize your Friendster profile and site experience
  • Far more Entertaining Content: you can now play games, share gifts and listen to music

let’s start with the fun and simple site:
Friendster - Home_crop

Friendster has redesigned the site to focus on what people use it for the most: Shoutouts, friends, messaging, games, comments, profile editing, birthdays and bulletins.  What else?

  • redefined homepage with focus on important user information: friends, new updates
  • simplified top navigation bar
  • top navigation bar helps you organize friends lists, profile and messaging and yes, games
  • comments and photos are now in the new activity stream

What’s the most exciting thing about friendster today? Let me tell you about the Gift Shop and the Wallet.  The Gift Shop helps users show how much they care.  They can send and receive special gifts.  The Friendster Wallet gives users the ability to store money on Friendster, which they call, “Friendster Coins”.  Friendster Coins can be purchased at convenience stores as pre-paid cards.

Friendster is looking to the future.  Friendster Wallet & Friendster Coins are just the precursor.  Friendster hopes to transform itself into a gaming portal.  And lastly, these changes come with a new tagline that I think is perfect to describe the many changes of Friendster: “Connecting Smiles


Finally, say hello to Friendster’s new logo. And yeah, they made donuts out of the new logo when they showed it to us! Yummy!


I obviously enjoyed it! This donut came from Krispy Kreme btw.


Here’s the official video from friendster about their new, simpler, more entertaining site:

So check friendster tomorrow afternoon when all changes go live and add me up as a friend!

Pictures from the events here & here.


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32 observations on “The New Friendster is Finally Coming!
  1. Blitz

    darn.. makes me regret not bein able to attend the event haha.. was the Friendster donut given during the event? Is it available on all KK branches? xD

  2. Bry

    How did you get invited to the event? Kainggit naman. How do they choose bloggers for events like this? The donut looks nice!

  3. Roch

    they asked a blogger organizer to invite fellow bloggers to the event. If I remember it correctly, 30 bloggers were invited.

  4. Roch

    but besides who is the original social networking site? it's friendster right?

    did you check out the fun & gift section? I think that's what makes it different though I admit I'm still a facebook addict! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. zxt

    Looks like in every article you pst thre's always food ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw, I forgot what Friendster is. I never logged in on my account for the longest time. I don't think I will now because I barely have time any more. I'm contended with Facebook.

  6. zxt

    Yes I think I've signed up in Friendster summer of 2003 when they just launched it. But Facebook is miles away better…so I don't think I can go back and start using my Friendster again and besides, I barely have time for Facebook nowadays.

  7. Roch

    I won't be giving up friendster because I treasure the testimonials my friends gave me years back… but I agree, we can only be active in a few social networking sites. Must prioritize ๐Ÿ™‚


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