Taipei 101

taipei 101

臺北國際金融中心 Taipei 101
8 Sung-Chih Road,, Taipei Taiwan, Taiwan
886 (02) 8101-8899‎

I couldn’t leave Taipei without first visiting the famous tallest building in the world, Taipei 101.  You can easily see that it is tall and of course, beautiful!  We haven’t even entered the building when we started taking pictures.  It isn’t every day that you can go to the world’s tallest building unless you live in Taipei.

When you enter Taipei 101, you’ll be in for a treat.  We were awed at how breathtakingly beautiful Taipei 101 is.  In the basement, you will find a food court.  The lower floors is mostly a mall made up of well-known fashion brand stores.  Floors 89 to 91 are the observation decks where we were able to see the whole of Taiwan (more on that later).  The floors between the observation decks and mall are the most expensive office spaces in Taipei.  I wonder what offices are housed there.

taipei 101 mall

Our reason why we visited Taipei 101 was to go up to the observatory and experience for ourselves the view that you can see from there.  People do go to Taipei just to visit it.  We wouldn’t miss it for the world!  The ticket was priced at 400NT and will allow you entrance.  You’d be able to ride the zooming elevator and also access the observation deck.

taipei 101 tickets

Aside from being the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101 also holds the record for having the fastest elevator.  Believe me, I was able to try it and golly, it was really FAST.  We were able to reach the 89th floor from the ground for only 37 seconds!  that’s 381 meters high!  I was just in awe & I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity of taking a video of it so you could experience it as well even just virtually 🙂

As expected, we could really the see the whole Taiwan up there.  The sections are pretty much divided into North, South, East & West Taiwan.  Here are some pictures that I took:

taipei 101 observation deck

taipei 101 pics

taipei 101 view

I also took the chance to have my picture taken for a Taipei 101 memorial photo w/ visitor certificate.  It’s hilarious really!!  We were posing like crazy on a blank wall.  Our poses were like holding on to one another while hugging an imaginary big building, faking a fall or jumping in the air without a background.  The end results were astounding, seeing yourself posing with the photoshopped Taipei 101 😛  I remember spending 300NT for it but to my carelessness, I left the picture & digital copy of the picture at the hotel!! :'(

taipei 101 photo

Lastly, before we headed out to our next destination, we also bought some things to bring home to the Philippines.  We call it “pasalubong”.  They are things that we buy for our friends as souvenirs/gifts from our trip.  I bought like a ton of popular yummy take-home food from 新東陽, mostly at 100NT each.

xin tong yang

More pictures of Taipei 101 can be found here.

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11 observations on “Taipei 101
  1. cocoy

    “always palpak.” – i was kidding, ok? 😛 you very well know who is the fail. definitely, not you.

  2. ericjohnrock

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  3. Laurie Arceo

    hello very nice blog. i'm also planning to go to taipei w/ my family for a vacation april next yr but i've read that it needs a visa, how do we apply? where do we go to get it? how much?

  4. Roch

    you get it from the Taiwan Embassy which is located at the RCBC building here at Makati City. The visa fee I can't remember how much.

  5. Laurie Arceo

    thanks for the reply ms. roch. i have one more question pls. we are planning to go there april15-18, 2011 to celebrate my eldest son's bday. but i've read somewhere that it always rain in taipei during this season. is this true? pls advise best time to enjoy taipei. thanks again

  6. Roch

    I think the only time that is discouraged is during Chinese New Year (around feb) because most stores are closed. Any other time is okay.

    Recommended months though (weather wise) are July, October & November 🙂


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