Crustasia Asian Crab & Seafood House

Crustasia Asian Crab & Seafood House
2nd Floor, Trinoma Mall, North Triangle EDSA, Quezon City
(02) 901-3607

I’m sooo excited to share with you this meal Christina & I had.  The meal was just unforgettable.  I wish I can do it everyday.  Every dish was just overly delicious.  As I write this post, I’m already wishing I can go back to the time that we’re eating hahahaha!  Crazy, right?  But it was just that delicious!  Yummy!!!

I guess there’s really a reason why there was no room available in Red Box Karaoke.  We were supposed to have lunch at Red Box, eat and sing our heart out but it didn’t push through.  The front desk told us that all rooms were booked.  It was a blessing in disguise, coz what happened next was my most unforgettable meal in year 2009! :D:D:D

We decided to order for their crabs as it is Crustasia’s specialty.  You know what’s funny?  We also ordered shrimps!  We were like killing ourselves with cholesterol but hey, it was all worth it.  Worth it, worth it.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Orange & Pomelo Cooler (Php 195)

Combination of orange & pomelo shaked mildly then served with ice.  There were actually 3 sizes offered: solo (Php 105), medium & large (Php 345).  We ordered medium as it was perfect for Christina & I.

  • Thai Seafood & Basil Rice in Bamboo (Php 265)
crustasia bamboo rice

Great presentation!  I never thought that this Thai rice was spicy!  We were like shocked to the thousandth level after we tried it.  We were like red in the face!  Crustasia, this is like OVER!  Too spicy!  We ended up just eating like 4 tablespoonful of this and just finished the other dishes.  Don’t get me wrong though, this dish tasted sooo good too!  It was just too spicy for our taste.

  • Buttered Cereal Shrimps (Php 385)
cereal prawns crustasia

Buttered Cereal is very popular in Singapore.  And I’m glad Crustasia brought it to us here in the Philippines.  This was made sooo beautifully.  We finished this dish first.  We were like lil kids enjoying each and every bite haahhaa!

  • Typhoon Shelter Crab (Php 1,350)
crustasia crab

Superstar dish!  The server showed us the crab live first, then we had to agree if we wanted it.  After a short while, it was served to us cooked.  Wow!  That’s all I can say.  Geez, whatta crab! ๐Ÿ˜€

Deep-fried cooked with garlic and chilis.  Served with a great amount of garlic and some noodles too.  This was wayyy delicious, wow, whew!  I missed it ๐Ÿ™

  • Pancotta Trio (Php125)
panna cotta crustasia

Our dessert for the day.  The three just tasted the same, it was just that they had different food items put on top of the panna cotta.  Peanut brittle, mango and watermelon.  Perfect to end such a great meal.

Christina really had to take this shot as I was too depressed that we finished all our food already.  This is me pouting my heart out hahaha!  I also have to say this, what an expensive meal!  Our bill was Php2,500 and we’re just 2 lil ladies! hahaha!  Oh well, it was a super yummy experience, super worth it!

pout crustasia

Best meal I had for December 2009, pictures can be found here.

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8 observations on “Crustasia Asian Crab & Seafood House
  1. Blitz

    woo~ another spicy dish to challenge my taste buds' tolerance, wonder if they also have that dish in their dinner buffet (hmm)

    poor crab.. first it was begging for its life, and a few mins later.. it becomes a chili garlic bombshell..

  2. meowbykate

    WOW! I've always wanted to try Crustacia! After seeing your photos I realize that I should really drop by for dinner ๐Ÿ˜€ The food looks really good! Can't wait to try the Cereal Shrimps and of course the Crabs!


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