Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe

mom and tinas bakery cafe

Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe
G/F Unit 14 Tropical Palm Plaza, Perea cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
(02) 840-4299

I dropped by the office last week though I was on leave.  I don’t know why but I guess I missed work?  Anyhow, I had quite a great time with colleagues Jo & Miko during dinner.  Jo recommended Mom &a Tina’s Bakery Cafe w/c I haven’t heard of before.  I’m so glad we went through with it coz the food is good!  Wow!  I didn’t know that there are still lots of places I haven’t tried to go to.

Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe started as a hobby of a mom and daughter, I suppose the daughter’s name is Tina.  They put up the cafe to share with us their home-cooked food & freshly baked pastries.  The ambiance was pretty cool though.  Their decors really exudes the holiday season.  I was even wearing green so I kinda helped with the theme. :P

Roch Mom and Tinas

Here are what we ordered:

  • Carousel (Php 80)
drinks mom and tina

Carousel meaning I can have any drink if I finished 1 glass.  I can’t have all flavors in 1 shot but I can ask for each flavor each time.  If you wanna try out all their bottomless drinks in 1 sitting then this is for you.  This includes Lemon Iced Tea, Red Iced Tea, Green Iced Tea & Blue Lemonade.

  • Bottomless Red/Green/Lemon Iced Tea (Php 60)
redgreen iced tealemon iced tea

Well, this is not carousel.  So you order just one of those iced tea.  For me though, I liked the green iced tea the best :)  per glass is at Php 45.

  • Smoked Salmon Sandwich (Php 275)
burgers mom and tinas bakery

You can see the salmon in the sandwich.  Looks yummy right?  This is smoked salmon w/ lettuce, egg slices, capers, cream cheese & dill sauce.  Served with one of the best potato chips I have ever eaten.

  • Philly Cheesesteak (Php 255)
burger mom and tinas

Grilled rib eye with melted cheese on a bun served with their delicious potato chips.  I wish I could just order the potato chips.

  • Half-Pound Salisbury Steak (Php 265)
salisbury mom and tinas

This one is very good.  The burger was juicy & very meaty.  I enjoyed each and every bite of it.  It’s grilled sirloin burger pattie served with vegetables, mashed potato and rice.  There’s actually a quarter-pounder Salisbury steak (Php 195) but I felt it wouldn’t be enough for me.   I was right!   Half-pounder is just right for me.  You should try this when you go to Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe.

  • Mocha Frosticcino (Php 98)
mocha drink tina and mom

  • Toblerone Walnut Torte Cup (Php 90)
dessert mom and tinas

This one tasted fresh and good but I was too full already.  I tried out just one scoop.  There are other Torte Cups available in Mom & Tina’s like White Toblerone (Php 95), Mango (Php 85), Strawberry (Php 100) & Dark Toblerone (Php 95).

Christmas dinner pictures at a new-found restaurant, thanks Jo & Miko! :)

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6 observations on “Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe
  1. Benison

    Wow, and sssarrrap ng Potatoes, yan ang like ko sa pgka fry. plus the Salisbury steak w/ rice and its not that expensive. By the way, you look good on that green dress. :) When moko sasamahan sa Mom and Tina's Bakery.? :)


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