My 1st Ever Tweetup


Last January 9, 2010, I attended my 1st ever Tweetup!  I was very happy that I did.  I met a lot of twitter friends personally.  It was just so nice to be able to see your tweetmates in person.  I really think tweetups can be more personal and bigger friendships could be formed.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with twitter, it is a social networking and microblogging site.   It allows us to share our thoughts in 140 character messages or tweets, as we call them.  Think of it as a single text message but online.  In fact, in other countries, you can send sms to twitter to appear as tweets.

Twitter is a bit addicting, really.  I can’t go on a day without posting tweets.  It can either be replying tweets from other people, sharing relevant links from different websites or just sharing news.

A few weeks ago, I saw several people i follow on twitter tweeting about a tweetup on Ayala Park.  That was last December 2009.  Unfortunately, I was too lazy that day to drive all the way to Makati. (Hey! In my defense, I was on vacation!).  So anyway, I ended up sleeping instead and tweeting online.    I later regretted not going.  I was so excited when @mcmanoloto and @ssowy were tweeting about the next tweetup!  And yes, I made sure to join 😀

haha!  I was a bit late, ok I was late by 30 minutes.  I only saw @mcmanoloto there at the time.  At first I thought that this tweetup was going to be a bit of a disaster as the people who confirmed weren’t coming.   A few minutes later, people were starting to arrive!  Awesome right?  Here we are 1 hour after the meeting time:

tweetup 1

It was amazing.  People just kept arriving and I felt so sad that that I was so pressed for time.  I had another appointment to attend so I had to say goodbye & wasn’t able to join my tweetup friends for lunch. :(

tweetup 2

Anyhow, I had the taste of what tweetup was like! :)  I must say that I loved it!  It reminds me of the eyeball days when MiRc was still popular.  I’ll make sure to attend the next tweetup!  Holler to my twitter friends! :)

More pictures from the tweetup here.

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