Ikabud Pagkaing Pinoy

Ikabud Pagkaing Pinoy

G/F Marquee Mall, North Luzon Expressway, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

After such a tiring but enjoyable day at the 15th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, we proceeded to Marquee Mall to have oru lunch.  Can I just say, “Wow!”.  Marquee Mall was such a nice place!  It looked like they recently just opened.  So I researched and found out that they opened just last October 2009 and one of popular restaurants in the mall is Ikabud.

I’ve been told that if you go to Pampanga, you really have to try Ikabud.  So we did ๐Ÿ™‚  Boy, the food was delicious!  I wonder why they haven’t brought this restaurant to Manila.  I’m sure it will be a hit!  There are many Filipino restaurants all over the metro but Ikabud is definitely different.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Bulalo (Php 180)
bulalo ikabun

There was only one item that I look for whenever I order bulalo, bone marrow.  Without it, the dish, IMHO is just a failure!  Ikabud’s bulalo?  Definitely didn’t disappoint.  Apart from having the bone marrow, the meat itself was just tender.  The taste of the soup was yummy.  I couldn’t ask for more.

  • Nilasing Crablets (Php 75)
crablets ikabun

The nilasing crablets was a hit!  Truthfully, we all wanted to eat the dish especially with vinegar!  This is a must-order when you go to Ikabud.  We just loved it!  As in super, super!!

  • Family Garlic Rice (Php 150)
family garlic rice ikabun

If your party is at least 3 people, I suggest you order the family sized rice.  They’re more affordable.  I found it quite surprising that even with just a simple dish, it made me feel like it was better than most offered by restaurants.  Maybe it was the oil or the garlic.  Maybe it was the rice.

  • Salpicao (Php 190)
salpicao ikabun

When we ordered this, we really thought that it was beef salpicao.  The server explained after we said, “salpicao,” but I didn’t pay much attention.  When the order came, I understood what the server was trying to explain.  Apparently salpicao is sizzling seafood!  It doesn’t matter that we misunderstood what it was because it was definitely worth eating!  This was delicious!  Sizzling shrimps, tahong, fish, mushrooms, hotdogs, squid and young corn… hmmm yummy!

  • Crispy Pata (Php 320)
crispy pata ikabun

The crunchy rectangular pieces garnished with crispy pata was not chicharon but kropeck.  I was almost fooled by that hahaha!  Anyway, we ordered way too much for 4 people.  That’s fine though.  The food was delicious and we don’t have ikabud here in Manila.

  • Tutti Fruiti Shake (Php 65)
tutti frutti ikabun

Combination of Mango & Cherry shake.  My colleagues said it was super yummy & better than the Guyabano shake we ordered.  We also noticed that all their fruit shakes have this “Stick-O” (the chocolate snack).   IMHO, that gave the drink more umpph! hehehe

  • Guyabano Shake (Php 55)
guyabano shake ikabun

It is rare that we see fresh Guyabano shakes being offered in a restaurant.  When I saw this in the menu, I immediately ordered it!  It was super rich.  I was very impressed!  Most of the fruit shakes we ordered in the restaurant had too much water in it.  This one, it was very fresh!  You can feel that we do get what we paid for.

What a great morning this was!  We had a great balloon ride, great sites and great food!  We went home very satisfied and happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

More pictures here.

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14 observations on “Ikabud Pagkaing Pinoy
  1. Roch

    this was last saturday but I stil didn't run last sunday coz I had breakfast at Aristocrat Roxas :P:P that would be my next blog post ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Igabrena

    …i really miss the taste of the seafood salpicao, can i have the recipe so i can cook it by myself…

  3. Shaftedflicker

    u must try ikabud kare-kare… super yummy tlaga @ย a very affordable price busog kana..ย 

  4. Wako2x

    Lol .. I miss ikabud T_T , i work before in ikabud ย ANGELES CITY BALIBAGO , AS a Chef there. . kakapagod lang lol pero enjoy.. kasi pinapakain mu silang masarp na luto:) ..


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