Last Valentines nAPO nila Concert


The APO Hiking Society has been in the music business for 40 long years.  This is the first time though that I was able to watch their concert.  I decided to go watch this because I heard that Apo will be disbanding and this concert will be their last for Manila.  So I took the opportunity to go see them in concert for the first and last time.

Thanks to sioti Marcelle for giving me his extra ticket.   It was such a surprise that Apo Hiking Society were actually a funny bunch.  I was pleasantly shocked as to how they were able to bend some songs to make them more hip & modern.  They know that times have changed and we are already in the new generation.  It was real fun that they were able to convert their original songs much more enjoyable to listen. Kudos to Apo!

The concert started 1 hour late.  Some fans by that time were a bit pissed.  You could hear the frustration from the crowd when the announcer was saying that the concert would start in a few minutes.  I, on the other hand was pissed not because the concert started late but because the lady sitting in front of me was standing all through out.  It didn’t matter if the show hadn’t started but staring at a back of a person for 30 whole minutes was definitely NOT fun.

roch last valentines apo

That’s me in the photo sitting at the back of the venue; our ticket–wasn’t sooo good seats.  We were seated at the back (literally, the last row!) & also the farthest right.  So if you can just imagine, we cannot see the stage at all.   If we wanted to see what’s happening, we had to look at the screen.  One lesson that I learned that night, never never ever purchase tickets that have bad seats.  We might as well buy the recorded version of the concert.  So since I got the ticket for free, I don’t have the right to complain (but I did anyway, in this post hahaha!  Sorry!)

The picture below showed my view of the stage.  You can see that I couldn’t see Apo there anymore except if I look at the screen provided on our side of the venue.  Still, being in the concert was nice because of the artists themselves, the Apo Hiking Society.  They really worked the crowd.  Sang such beautiful songs & entertained us for 3 whole hours.  Front act by Kate Brosas was great too, though I think the punchlines were not meant for kids to listen :P:P

stage apo concert

My favorite performances were the song for Noynoy.  Then there was a song that described our political situation in the country & also the last 2 medleys that Apo Hiking Society made.  I even took videos of the last 2 performances.  Lemme share them with you as I end my post.

Thank you, Jim Paredes, Danny Javier & Buboy Garrovillo.  You certainly made history in the Philippine Music Industry.  Thank you for sharing the music, laughter and your talent with us.

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4 observations on “Last Valentines nAPO nila Concert
  1. Roch

    Thanks sioti for the opportunity.

    Definitely, you enjoyed it! It was quite obvious! hahaha you were singing along with them, cheering like crazy! hahahah!


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