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This year, February 14, 2010 will not be just about Valentine’s Day but we will also be welcoming Chinese New Year!  Earlier, we celebrated Chinese New Year at our office.  The Filipino-Chinese employees at the 23rd floor organized this simple party for our colleagues.

We prepared Chinese food like Tikoy, Radish Cake, Dumplings & Hopia.  We allotted 1 hour as everyone was busy with work.  I hope we were able to bring some joy to our colleagues & hope we were able to impart some Chinese tradition as well.  It was a nice way to welcome the Year of the Tiger!  I can say that the event was definitely a success!  🙂

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Apart from the yummy food, we also prepared games for our non-chinese colleagues.  Of course, the games had something to do with chinese tradition 😛  Here are the games:

  • Tikoy Eating Contest
Tikoy or 年糕 is the official chinese new year cake.  It can be eaten all year around but is most popular during chinese new year.  This is food prepared with glutinous rice thus can be known as sticky cake.


We asked 4 of our colleagues to eat a big piece of tikoy.  Whoever finished their Tikoy first would win the game!  It was real fun seeing them eat tikoy, which is sticky and not to mention, there was time pressure.  Ted Chua won the game and finished his piece of tikoy in 2 minutes!  Here’s a video of the fun, fun game 🙂

  • Chopstick Game
Chopsticks or 筷子 are utensils chinese use for eating.  It is made of 2 sticks with equal length, you can see this in chinese restaurants all over the metro.  This is also the utensils used by countries such as Japan, Vietnam & Korea.

The challenge for this game was for players to be able to transfer marbles from one bowl to another using only chopsticks.

chopstick balls

This game is perfectly hard especially for people who are not used to chopsticks.

So we grouped our colleagues into two teams.  They needed to completely transfer all five marbles.  If a marble dropped, they will have to start from the beginning.  Naturally, the first group to finish, wins!

chopstick game

It was really fun seeing my colleagues be so ready to play in this contest.  Apparently, the group with a Korean member won!  hahahaha!  Well, we forgot to take note that Koreans use chopsticks to eat too.

  • Over the Generation
This is similar to pass the message but this time, our non-chinese colleagues had to communicate a chinese phrase.  The host would 1st say a chinese phrase to the chinese players (we decided to use: 新年快樂,恭喜發財! which means Best Wishes for a Happy New Year).  The chinese player must then communicate the same message to 1 non-chinese player, which in turn will pass it to the next player.  The last player must raise his/her hand then shout the phrase correctly (w/ proper intonations) & accurately.  The 1st group who finished would win the game.

over the generation

I love this game!  hahaha!  One group even ended up pronouncing it in cantonese LOLz!  Of course, the group who pronounced it in Mandarin won!

Fun, fun, fun! 🙂  I hope everyone enjoyed the party & the games!  Thanks as well to my fellow Filipino-Chinese colleagues for a successful chinese new year celebration.  Here’s a picture of us, the organizers, not complete though as the others are camera-shy or already stepped out for meeting/work.

organizers chinese new year

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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