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Sumo Sam
2/F Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St., Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-6292

It was my 1st time to try out Sumo Sam.  I thought I was about to try something new but was surprised when I actually saw the menu.  I asked the server “Do you have the same menu as John & Yoko?”.  She answered, “Yes”.  I wonder why the owners did this, having the same menu with just a different name & different restaurant interiors.  They can just make this another John & Yoko branch right?  Weird.

Their signature short dresses for the girls are still there.  I feel bad coz it seems like they have to make their female servers wear that kind of dress which I think is soo wrong.  Sumo Sam is a restaurant not a girly bar.

Anyway, this time we ordered a lot of dishes hahaha!  Actually more than what we can take into our stomach ๐Ÿ˜›  We could have just ordered 1 fried rice but the other dishes were all okay.  So pretty satisfied still.  The food was just alright, not spectacular but still okay.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Crunchy Squid Teriyaki (Php 158)
squid head

If you go to traditional Japanese restaurants, you’d see that they serve crunchy dilis.  Sumo Sam’s Crunchy Squid Teriyaki actually tasted the same.  The main ingredient though is squid.  Very unique, we all loved the dish!

  • Japanese Fried Rice (Php 178)
japanese fried rice

Just the typical Japanese fried rice.  I wouldn’t recommend you to order this one.  Their other fried rice are better (my recommendation?  See my review on John & Yoko Wagyu rice).

  • Meat Fried Rice (Php 178)
meat fried rice

This meat fried rice, I really love.  It was very tasty & I think it was just enough for us 5 friends.  The waitress told us that their fried rice is good for 2-3.  So we also ordered the Japanese fried rice.  But honestly, I think this is good for 4 people. 

  • Chicken Teriyaki (Php 228)
chicken teriyaki

This was also another good dish from Sumo Sam.  I loved how they presented it.  Loved how the sauce was perfect for the chicken.  Loved how the chicken was cooked.  If you’re a fan of Chicken Teriyaki then you should order this when you go to either Sumo Sam or John & Yoko.

  • Lychee & Rose (Php 148)
lychee rose shake

Don’t be fooled.  This is just lychee shake with cream & red syrup.  There’s no rose perse. 

  • Gyoza Soup (Php 128)
gyoza soup

My least favorite.  Didn’t even eat the gyoza.  Just tasted the soup that’s it.  I felt this is just way overpriced.

  • Tofu Miso Soup (Php 98)
miso soup sumosan

  • Mt. Fuji Steak (Php 368)
mt fuji sumosan

Sumo Sam’s Mt. Fuji Steak was a disappointment.  I was actually raving about it to my friends coz I was able to try the same dish over at John & Yoko.  This one that we tried last sunday?  Meat was not tender, it wasn’t delicious at all.

  • Ika Fry (Php 208)
ika fry

Great presentation!  The squid ring was just okay but I think I was the one who finished this dish.   The dish was placed in front of me.  Can’t help but just eat that one hahaha!

  • California Maki Salad (Php 208)
california maki salad

Japanese style salad indeed.  Pretty decent.

  • Assorted Sushi (Php 388)
assorted maki

  • Ebi Teppan (Php 368)

We got 1 piece each.  It was just your normal teppan shrimps w/ Japanese sauce.

It is nice that we have so many different restaurants to choose from when we plan to eat out.  I do feel though that the food is getting more expensive.  I feel that Sumo Sam’s prices are a bit on the high side.  Bringing down their prices like Php50 per dish is more reasonable considering the quality of their dishes.

More pictures from our lunch here.

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9 observations on “Sumo Sam
  1. Blitz

    ooooh lol.. the super thick quarter pounder menu… i see i see.. tnx roch!

    ps: just saw the rest of the pics, there were 5 of you guys pala, i was curious why you ordered quite a lot, thought there was just two of you again xD

  2. Mark

    Total rip-off !!! Its better to eat at restos in pasay road and little tokyo town in makati for japanese food.


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