The B.E.S.T. Workshop


Last weekend, I attended the most entertaining yet informative training.  The B.E.S.T. workshop was organized by BizWiz Resources and it was about entrepreneurship.  B.E.S.T. stands for Basic Entrepreneur Skills Training.

Quoting from their vision: “We shall be the most magical, enjoyable and dynamic source of entrepreneurial learning for Filipinos; helping to demystify entrepreneurship in order to create true WIZARDS of business, who will craft their own magical success stories.”

I believe they did exactly what they promised/advertised.

If you’re looking for ideas as to what business go into or how you can put up a business, then you won’t find it in B.E.S.T. workshop.  But if you want to have the right mindset to be a successful entrepreneur then B.E.S.T. workshop is for you.

This training was just fun, fun & fun!  And we all learned a lot!  Seems like experiential training is really the way to go.   The usual training is just teachers presenting powerpoint slides or giving lectures.  B.E.S.T. workshop however was full of activities that could show us how we react to things.  In the end, through that experience, we were taught lessons on teamwork, path fulfillment, goal orientation, life balance, perseverance & some other entrepreneural skills.

Where can you find instructors performing like this?

And participants cheering like this?

My ultimate favorite video however was taken during one of the 1st day activities:

It’s all in B.E.S.T. workshopfriends! hehehe 🙂  There was never a dull moment during those 2 days.  I also like the theme wizard too!  See the names of the activities we’ve done:

  • Wizard Search
  • Bag of Mystery
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Vision Quest
  • Wizard Qualification Exam
  • FRAP
  • Mystical Hat of Plenty
  • Witch Hunt
  • Sorcerer’s Alley
  • King MiDAS Touch
  • Wizard Idol
  • Mystique
  • Meet the Wizards

Kudos to the BizWiz Resources team: Jeff, JP, Gwen, Boom & Jason.  Well done, folks!  I’ll definitely be one of those who will vouch for this training, such a great learning experience! 🙂

BEST instructors

You can just see at the look of our faces how satisfied we are with the training.

BEST Workshop Enrollees

Such an honor & great opportunity to participate in a well-made training.  I do encourage you guys to take the plunge & enroll in their next session (I think the next one will be on May/June 2010).  You will not regret it.  I myself learned a lot about entrepreneurship.  You can find information regarding the workshop on their facebook page or contact them at email address: info@bizwizresources.com.

Roch finished BEST Workshop

See the pictures from the 2-day workshop in my Flickr sets (Day 1 & Day 2).

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One observation on “The B.E.S.T. Workshop
  1. Thom

    Thanks Rochelle.

    Seems like w/ all d physical activities its better to just wear casual clothing & abandon the professional dress shirt attire.

    B great if the other graduates can also give their feedbacks


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