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I put up HeaRty’s Haven because I need a form of release.  I wanted to have a hobby to keep my mind off work & to have a work-life balance.  I write about anything & everything as long as I experience it or have interest in it.  Since I’m the kind of person who loves to try out a lot of things, you can probably see anything under the sun in HeaRty’s Haven.

I’ve been blogging actively for almost 2 years. Would you believe I’m not earning anything from this personal blog of mine?

make money 2

I learned that my friend, Carlo Ople, along w/ Janette Toral, will hold their 2nd seminar about making money online this April 10, 2010.  Make Money 2.0 is a seminar that shares with us proven & effective methods of how to make money online.

The 1st Make Money 2.0 seminar was very successful that I can’t help but make sure I won’t miss the next event.  It’s going to be held at Victory Multipurpose Hall, located at the upper level of the Greenhills Promenade from 2-6pm on April 10, 2010.  I’m thinking if my hobby can help me earn some money, then why not right?

Speakers are known to be the best in their fields:
Make Money Speakers

  • Carlo Ople
  • Janette Toral

These are the topics that will be discussed (I’m especially interested w/ the 1st & 4th one):

  1. Make Money by Blogging
    One of the first and most successful bloggers will share with you proven ways of how to make real money online through blogging. From advertising, leveraging communities, and affiliate sales, our speaker will show you a whole new world of income generating ideas!
  2. How to Make E-commerce Work
    Learn the ins and outs of putting up your own online store. Learn from several case studies as well as best practices from the pioneers of e-commerce in the Philippines.
  3. Make money through e-lancing
    Are you a web developer, graphic designer, writer or just someone who has a skill but you don’t know how to make money out of it? Make Money 2.0 will reveal the success blueprint for freelancers who want to rake in clients from other countries.
  4. Personal Branding
    The most important resource is YOU. Build and protect your personal brand which will translate to better opportunities for your career. Our case studies and insights will inspire and motivate you and you’ll never see Facebook the same way ever again.

Interesting huh?  If you wanna join me and learn how to make money through our online ventures, then go ahead and register at the Catalyst Interactive Marketing website.  Regular rate is at Php 650.00.

See you there! 🙂

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12 observations on “Make Money 2.0 Seminar
  1. ED

    Will still be a hobby if you start making money?There;s nothing wrong with making money, as long as the passsion and the reasoning for you blogging stays. You have a gift, great blog, hope it works out….

  2. bearockr

    Well, though You're actually doing a PERFECT job with your blog, and you should surely stick to doing it as a passion, but it also surprises me a bit that you haven't made any money from it as yet …. You definitely ought to, I think, and you will… Its a good thing participating in such conferences, and reading about stuff online, but don't do anything just for the sake of earning money, as you never have done on your blog …..

    Blog ON! lol 🙂

  3. rich

    hello got here thru nuffnang…

    I've been blogging for how many years now. I still don't earn with it. But I would love to in the near future

  4. Lans

    i'm earning some in my 2 sites through ads, but not that big.. i'm really not focus in earning.. but in the future i would like my blog to really earn more

  5. pochero

    the only reason why carlo ople and kevin codamon are getting hits in their websites which in turn generates them revenues is because they are affiliated with levelup games which has a huge subscribers here in the ph. talk about free advertising.
    since carlo ople is not affiliated with lug anymore all he can post now are what he is currently playing on his ps3 and bleach and naruto anime/manga.
    also if you want to rake in clients from overseas who needs your services just use the ever so popular odesk.com

  6. Roch

    There has been some updates when it comes to this seminar… It's now cheaper … I'll update this post tonight 🙂


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