Me, Parking & My Sprained Ankle

Roch Sprained Ankle

Parking fees at our office building is pretty expensive (Php 130/day).  Usually the slots are also filled up already when 9AM comes in.  With that in mind, a lot of us decided to park somewhere far away in a parking lot owned by A. Venue.  Parking costs just around Php40/day but disadvantage is.. we have to walk like 10minutes to reach the office.  For me, I thought of it more of an advantage because:

  • we can save like Php90 per day for the parking fee
  • we can use the 10-minute walk as an exercise

I usually bring slippers as I can’t walk 10 minutes wearing high heels.  However, I decided to just wear my high-heeled wedge shoes today.  Since they were wedge shoes, I didn’t think it would be dangerous for the walk.  Unfortunately though, I fell on the street today.

I fell hard… fell on my knees with lots of people around.  Noone helped me though, they just looked at me.  I sat a bit on the floor for a few seconds as I felt the pain in my foot.  Anyhow, I managed to get up and continued walking towards the office.  This time, I walked really slow as pain really started to set in.

When I arrived at the office, the pain became unbearable such that I couldn’t walk anymore.  I went straight to the clinic.  Here’s what they did to help me:

  1. Asked me to sit in a comfortable chair.
  2. Held my feet up high
  3. Put ice compress on the pain area
  4. put inflammatory cream on the area
  5. asked me to take some pain meds
  6. put some elastic bandage on my ankle.

They also asked me to go to a hospital and have an x-ray.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really walk so I ended up just glued to my seat.  The x-ray is needed to check if there are fractures.  I really just hope I don’t get any.  I don’t think I have the energy to drive myself to the hospital because my right ankle is the one that is injured.

The pain really gets worse as time passes by.  I don’t know how long this will be.  I decided to just work from home until I get well.  Hopefully it does heal soon, I hate staying at home.  Internet connection is really slow as well (I work more effectively at the office).

A close friend of mine asked her brother who’s also a doctor for medical advice (she’s such a sweet friend!).  A great advice that I will follow while I’m nursing this sprained ankle.  Here are the useful information I got (maybe this could help some of you too):

  • cold compress for the 1st three days and continue as long as it is swollen.
  • should completely rest the ankle & let ligaments heal.
  • take pain meds for 1st two days.  Take it as needed after if pain still persists.

Learned a lot from this experience.  Though I assume my friends would think that I would quit wearing high heels, well they’re wrong.  I’ll still continue to wear my high heeled shoes hahaha!  I’m sure though that I won’t be walking that 10-minute activity with high heels (no matter if wedge or not), I’ll just wear my friendly slippers…

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20 observations on “Me, Parking & My Sprained Ankle
  1. cocoy

    i'm sorry your ankle was sprained. i'm sorry no one helped you. hope you get better soon.

  2. Blitz

    girls are just born to wear high heels 😀 get that ankle quickly healed! and then celebrate it with a new pair of shoes! 😉

  3. Manila Girl

    Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that. It's sad that no one helped you, I thought we Filipinos pride ourselves for being “matulungin.” 🙁 Hope your ankle gets better soon!

  4. Roch

    yeah times have changed 🙁

    Thanks! I'm currently working from home… pain still is there though and a bit swollen too

  5. ED

    Luv your blogs, not only entertaining but informative, I miss home. Sorry about your ankle, but also sorry for none of the people around you help, what happen to us Filipinos, anyway thanks for our blog, especially restaurant and foor , yum, yum, the Filipino cooking, can;t wait to go home, again


  6. Roch

    awwww… thanks! 🙂

    I wasn't able to go out the past week due to this sprain and cancelled all my appointments as well the coming week as I'm not getting any better… so missed out on a lot of events.

    I'll continue to write all my experiences here. I'm glad you appreciate it :D:D:D

  7. zxt

    Ouch! I had one bad sprained ankle and it really hurts. It was raining hard that night and I was working as a parking attendant at Burgoo in Timog (11 years ago) and before the flash flood comes in we need to transfer the cars to higher ground. Too bad when I jumped through the rushing waters, I landed into uneven ground and sprained my ankle. Good thing I can still drive home but it took 1 week before I can go back to work again.

  8. Roch

    unfortunately, I thought mine was a sprain but it isn't 🙁

    I have 2 bone fractures on my right foot, I'm still recovering 😛


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