Uno Pizzeria Restaubar

Uno Pizzeria Restaubar

Uno Pizzeria Restaubar
Bay Strip, SM Mall of Asia, SM Central Business Park, Bay Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 401-6879

Last weekend, we were invited to sample the dishes in Uno Pizzeria Restaubar.  When I entered Uno Pizzeria, I immediately concluded that it was more of a bar than a restaurant.  I almost wanted to change venues as I’m not the drinking type & it was still early (7pm).

Good thing, my friend Tisha was there & together w/ the manager, they graciously accomodated us.  Tisha then shared with me the history of Uno Pizzeria Restaubar.  While Uno Pizzeria is already a successful bar, they wanted to market the place as a good dining place too.

Uno Pizzeria dishes are made with all natural, organic & local ingredients which is good as more and more people are becoming health-conscious.  So you won’t feel guilty when you eat their food, healthy & delicious.

While we waited for our order, we were served garlic bread.  I also started to observe the place.  It has the playing card theme with red, white & black as primary colors of the restaubar.  They have an in-house DJ playing pop music with monitors showing the music video of the song being played.  They were playing Madonna songs while we were there hehehe (80s music!).

onion bread uno pizzeria

We had the ff. dishes:

  • Four Season all in one Pizza (Php 494)
pizza uno pizzeria

What’s the point of going to a pizzeria if you’re not going to try their pizza?  We tried their signature pizza, four seasons.  It is an all-in-one pizza with 4 flavors namely Ruby Ribs, Baja’s Finest, Seafood Pizza & Tandori Chicken & Mango.  I like the Tandori chicken the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ruby Ribs (Php 398)
ribs uno pizzeria

I super loved this dish.  I finished the ribs even though there was way too much food to eat.  It is rare that I get to bite into ribs that are tender, I appreciate this much!  Ruby Ribs as Uno Pizzeria calls it is baby back ribs slowly roasted & served with honey bourbon sauce.  You must order this when you visit Uno Pizzeria.

  • Buffalo Wings (Php 212)
buffalo wings uno pizzeria

I’m not fond of buffalo wings but admittedly, I liked Uno Pizzeria’s version.  According to Nick, this is like the filipino version of buffalo wings coz it’s sweet.  Very tasty dish, I liked it!

  • Uno’s Shrimp Scampi (Php 292)
shrimp pasta uno pizzeria

I love shrimps!  Any dishes with shrimps, it’ll definitely get my attention.  This dish is pasta with shrimps cooked with wine.  It was yummy but I wish it wasn’t that dry though but still a decent dish.

  • Halo Halo Special (Php 100)
halo halo uno pizzeria

We stayed inside the restaurant but Uno Pizzeria also has area outside.  There are bands playing everyday from 8pm to 2:30am.  During weekends, they extend to 4am sometimes.  Aside from being able to listen to live music, customers can also enjoy the natural breeze & view of the manila bay.

live band uno pizzeria

I took several pictures of Uno Pizzeria Restaubar & it can be found on my flickr account.  Check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

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9 observations on “Uno Pizzeria Restaubar
  1. thomasmmm

    the tandoori chicken + mango was ok [tried it when they opened (2008)]. i like their location though. your shrimp love reminds me of gamberetti pizza at IL Ponticello.

  2. meowbykate

    I want to try the pasta and the pizza ๐Ÿ™‚ actually, everything looks really good!

  3. Moe

    nice blog! full of substance..I can’t really wait for our Christmas Party. It will be held @ UNO..all foods look fantastic, cant wait to taste all those most esp. their Halo2 har har har…



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