Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant


Burgoo American Bar & Restaurant
Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 633-6259

My best friend from grade school and I make it a point to have a bonding session every now and then. Whether it’s going shopping, pigging out or just talking about anything under the sun, as long as we spend time together at least once a quarter.  Earlier, we attended the All About Money Seminar.  It finished around 1PM, and by then we were starving.  As we were walking around to find a restaurant, we saw Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant.  The girl gave us a coupon for a free grilled porkchop (amounts to Php295) as long we order any entree on their menu.  We quickly decided to just dine in at Burgoo.

Then I remembered, my BPI credit card might have a promo with Burgoo.  I asked the server and indeed they currently do have a promo.  Apparently, the promo is a buy one take one (we just need to pay the entree that is of higher value).  They do have a list of entrees that we can choose from though.

Here are what we ordered:

  • Spinach Grilled Salmon (Php 495)
salmon burgoo

Grilled Norwegian salmon with spinach cream sauce.  It was steaming hot when it was served.  And it was noticeably appetizing to look at even at first look.  It was obvious that it was going to be a good dish.  My friend confirmed just how good it was!  I watched her finish the dish hahaha!

It looked like it was perfectly grilled and that it kept its moistness which is important when you eat salmon.  If you cook salmon too long, it becomes dry and flaky and loses its flavor.  Judging by the way my friend ate it, it most certainly was cooked good.  The compliment of mashed potato was just enough for this dish in my opinion.  A healthy yet very sustainable dish.

  • Shrimps & Ribs Platter (Php 595)
shrimp ribs platter burgoo

Served with french fries and corn on the cob (without the cob), the cajun shrimps & baby back ribs combination was just sooo tempting.  You know I really was planning to order another menu item.  But seeing the picture on the menu, it was just too delicious to pass up.  I ended up ordering anyway.  The baby back ribs was tender which is really important for ribs to be.  The dish was okay, nothing to scream about, but was just the ordinary ribs that you could get anywhere.  Although, I’ve had bad ribs before, so I always do appreciate it when it’s at least tender.   The shrimps were good too, and all in all not a bad meal to get when you’re hungry, but nothing out of the ordinary either.

  • Lemonade (Php 69)
lemonade burgoo

This was a pretty weird lemonade drink.  A bottomless one by the way.  I usually drink a lot but there was a weird taste that I didn’t like.  I asked for it to be replaced and when they did, it still tasted the same.  I concluded that it might be the water that is causing it.  Anyway, I drank it still 😛

  • Hot Tea (Php 45)
hot tea burgoo

One thing that I noticed was that their servers were very attentive.  When we arrived, they immediately offered to give us the couch seat as there was one table who was already billing out.  They gave the menu for us to choose what we wanted to order and they also offered to assist us with anything.  I was pretty impressed.  It was pretty consistent all throughout.  Although, a service charge is already ncluded in the bill, we still opted to give an extra tip 🙂

This is us having our picture taken while waiting for the bill.  The rest of the pictures can be found on my Flickr account.

HeaRty & christina at burgoo

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