Mey Lin Chinese Cuisine

mey lin chinese cuisine

Mey Lin Chinese Cuisine
G/F Jupiter Place Building, 136 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 899-8999

The lunch had been organized for weeks, postponed once, but finally we had it last Friday.  It was a reunion of sorts for our DSS group, old & new.  Though it was organized for quite some time, a lot of people didn’t make it.  But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great time.  We very much enjoyed ourselves, although it could have been better if we were complete.  Our first reunion was held in Mey Lin & we decided to do it again in the same venue.

Mey Lin has good food, has a private function room, and has good ambiance.  The food is a bit pricey though.  I’m not complaining coz their food is really good but I wish they could lower their price a bit so it can be a bit more affordable.

Here is what we ordered:

  • Jelly Fish (Php 160), Century Egg (Php 60)
century egg seaweed mey lin

This jelly fish dish is really good.  This has always been a favorite menu item to order whenever we visit Mey Lin.  We can order century egg with it, 1 piece does cost 60 pesos though.  Perfect appetizer for Chinese food.

  • Siomai (Php 90)
siomai mey lin

It’s funny that we almost finished this dish even before the soy sauce, calamansi arrived hahaha!  The siomai is cooked to perfection, meaty and has generous servings of each major ingredient. This is how siomai is supposed to be cooked, tender and moist on the inside, good firm texture, and also moist on the outside but not soggy.

  • Sio Long Pao (Php 100)
xiao long pao mey lin

I expected sio long pao to be juicy because it was that way when I went to China before.  Mey Lin’s version was very dry but it still tasted good.  Just not the way I expected it though.

  • Fried Beancurd (Php 150)
tofu mey lin

This reminded me of another restaurant’s version of Tofu.  This tasted just okay, nothing special or out of the ordinary, but still worth a try.  Crispy tofu with Mey Lin’s own special sauce.

  • Fried Intestines (Php 240)
fried intestine mey lin

Fried Intestines with vinegar is heaven!!  My all-time Mey Lin favorite dish.  No matter who I’m with, as long as we’re in Mey Lin, I make sure that we order this dish.  It’s just too delicious to pass up.

  • Broccoli with Beef (Php 260)
beef broccoli mey lin
  • Fish Fillet with Taoso (Php 270)
fish mey lin

Great presentation.  The fish tasted fresh too.  Taoso is a great, great finish for this dish.  Taoso is mashed soy bean, very crispy and tasted sooo good!  Put in a container like that made it more yummier as it will always be hot.

  • Dried String Beans (Php 190)
string beans mey lin

I always see this as a Chinese version of sitaw or string beans.  It says dried but I never felt it was so.  Another favorite menu item that I order every time I go to Chinese restaurants.  There are only a few Chinese restaurants that serve this though, luckily, Mey Lin is one of them.

  • Chicken Cubes with Dried Chili (Php 240)
pork mey lin

  • Lemon Chicken (Php 250)
lemon chicken mey lin

This was really good!  Chicken with lemon, a weird combination but it worked perfectly well.  This is definitely a twist on the classic orange chicken that is more popularly made in other Chinese restaurants.  The balance with this dish is of course the crispiness of the chicken along with the sauce.  We even ordered another one as the first one was finished in just a few minutes and everyone just wanted more 🙂

  • Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 210)
fried rice 2 mey lin

  • Fried Rice with Salted Fish (Php 220)
fried rice 1 mey lin

  • Lemonade (Php 80)
lemonade mey lin

I kept raving about the lemonade while drinking.  I think colleagues who were seated next to me was getting tired hearing me say how good the lemonade was.  I also kept mentioning that they should make it a bottomless one.  Mey Lin’s lemonade is just the best, it’s soooo good!  You should order this drink when you visit the restaurant.

  • Mango Sago (Php 90)
mango sago mey lin

For me, the best Chinese dessert is the mango sago.  I’m not sure how this was done but I think it’s mango puree/juice with tapioca.  Served cold, very tasty.

You might be wondering that we ordered too much food hehehe 😛  but look at just how many we were… The rest of the pictures can be found on my Flickr.  Yaiks!  I’m really craving for Mey Lin now!  Must resist!!!

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5 observations on “Mey Lin Chinese Cuisine
  1. u8mypinkcookies

    been addicted to their noodle soup coz their noodles are smooth and yummy.. not too soggy too! 😀 love the adobo egg & tokwa or chicken mushroom noodle soup. would love to try their other dishes. good thing too, they deliver within our area at no delivery charge.. minimum is only 300 bucks. Hurray!


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