Tempura Japanese Grill

Tempura Japanese Grill

Tempura Japanese Grill
1 Juno St. cor. Makati Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 899-1365

It was a get together that was planned for weeks.  Funny though that some of us were late (including me hehehe!).  Tempura Japanese Grill is located at Makati avenue and is near our office.  It took us quite a time to order.  We ended up ordering when everyone was already present.  It did seem as though like we had the menu memorized hahaha!

One thing that I really appreciate is that Tempura Japanese Grill has ample parking space plus the restaurant is big enough to cater to a lot of dining guests.  The place has such a wonderful ambiance that you could probably sit there for hours without feeling any pressure.  The food is delicious too!  I also love their new menu items especially Wasabi Tempura (yum!).

We ordered the ff.:

  • Ebi Bacon Maki (Php 230)
bacon shrimp tempura

Shrimp, winter mushroom & asparagus wrapped in bacon with Tempura’s special sauce.  Hayy, this is truly heaven!  I used to order the asupara maki w/c is asparagus wrapped in bacon but this innovation is just wow!  Shrimps, asparagus & bacon in 1 menu item.  My 3 favorite foods served as appetizer!  I enjoyed this dish a lot!

  • Mixed Maki (Php 180)
mixed maki tempura

California maki, tamago maki, kani maki & tekka maki.  If you wanna have a taste of everything, then you should order this.  California maki still is my favorite among the rest though.

  • Karufuru Salad (Php 155)
salad tempura

A fruity salad indeed!  Mandarin oranges, apple, grapes with lettuce & fruit infused vinaigrette.  Good for people who are on a diet (I think I should be telling myself that hahaha!).  I wasn’t able to taste this though, but maybe I should next time 🙂

  • Gohan (Php 35)/ Chahan (Php 48)
rice tempura

  • Gomoku Chahan (Php 60)
fried rice tempura

the difference between this rice and chahan is that this includes mixed seafoods, but there’s not much difference in taste though.

  • Tofu Steak (Php 150)
tofu steak tempura

This has always been my favorite item to order from the menu.  Tofu, shitake mushrooms & ground pork with steak sauce.  Very tasty & healthy too!

  • Ebi Wasabi Tempura (Php 399)
wasabi tempura

I’ve been raving about this dish.  But do take note, you don’t need to add the wasabi into your sauce coz the tempura has wasabi all over it!  Prawns deep fried in crispy batter with wasabi, it’s such a great innovation!  Kudos to the one who created the recipe.

  • Spareribs Sansho Yaki (Php 245)
tempura pork

This is another menu item that is very unique.  Spareribs Teriyaki – it’s spareribs cooked Japanese style!  It was delicious!  We all loved it!  I believe from all the japanese restaurants out there, only Tempura serves this.

  • Tori Teriyaki (Php 195)
chicken tempura

We didn’t order this at first but my friend Hai ended up ordering it.  It’s the ever famous chicken teriyaki… If you’re curious, it’s basically chicken (leg portion) that has been marinated and grilled.  But it’s moist, cooked well, and the teriyaki sauce tops it off quite nicely. Delicious!

  • Brewed Lemon Iced Tea (Php 60)
iced tea tempura

Once in a while, we need to go out for lunches like these, because of not only the food but because of the very meaningful conversations..  I loved conversations like what we had here at Tempura Japanese Grill coz it brings out whatever is in our hearts.  Though how deep the topics are, if my friends are with me, then taking pictures will always be part of it

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