Seafood Buffet at Plantation Bay Cebu

During the 1st night at Plantation Bay in Cebu, we ordered room service, but for our 2nd and last night, we really wanted to experience some good food and eat out.  It was great timing that there happened to be a seafood buffet being served on that 2nd night.  I’ve always loved seafoods but my […]

Teeth Movie Review

Last weekend, I was able to catch a most unique horror movie on TV called Teeth.  Usually, for the past few months, I’ve been spending my weekends resting at home:  watching TV, blogging, reading books, listening to music & surfing the net.  So, it was a good thing that I was able to watch the […]

Breakfast at Kilimanjaro Kafe

Breakfast at Plantation Bay Cebu is definitely the best at Kilimanjaro Kafe.  Kilimanjaro Kafe is one of the 4 major eating places at Plantation Bay, it serves international cuisine & is open for 24 hours.  We decided to have breakfast there twice.  The place is situated just in the middle of their artificial pool/beach which […]

Room Service at Plantation Bay Cebu

Just this past Holy Week, we stayed in Plantation Bay Cebu for some rest and relaxation.  We stayed in one of their Japanese-themed rooms which are the rooms when you get the spa indulgence package.  We did decide to get room service, not once but twice.  During our 1st night, knowing full well that we still […]

Little Asia

It has been years since I visited Little Asia located in Tomas Morato Quezon City.  I remember dining there when it was still new, however I failed to eat there again until now (I think the last time was year 2001! hahaha!  that was like 9 years ago!).  Actually I didn’t notice any changes, even […]

Metro Cuisines

I have been wanting to try Metro Cuisines, located in Quezon City, for quite some time now.  I’ve noticed their beautiful and unique sign when passing by at night, and I’ve been dying to know if they also serve good food.  And a few Sundays ago, I had my chance to dine there early in […]

Mien-San Noodle House

Whenever I drive home, I always pass by Mien-San Noodle House, a restaurant in Quezon City.  It is situated just right in the middle of Ortigas & it’s easily accessible since there is ample parking available, especially at night that all the establishments beside it are already closed. Last week, I dropped by the office […]

A Birthday to Remember

Last year, my birthday was a great one considering I had 2 parties.  One organized by my yaya Lucy & another one organized by my close colleagues This year, it was a bit more special but more intimate.  I felt as if my birthday went on for 3 days as I got overwhelming # of […]

Dad’s Ultimate Buffet

I had a great time celebrating my post birthday with BFF Christina. We came from way way back, we were classmates since elementary & have been close since then.  We make it a point to go out every now & then.  The last time was actually a pig out session at Circles Buffet.  And yesterday, […]

The Back-Up Plan Movie Review

I started my day celebrating my birthday with a few close colleagues at Jo’s house.  We decided to watch DVD while having early lunch.  It was fortunate that Jo had the Back-up Plan in her list of DVD collection.  We all agreed to watch it and it was truly enjoyable. The Back-up Plan is a […]