A Birthday to Remember

Roch with Flowers

Last year, my birthday was a great one considering I had 2 parties.  One organized by my yaya Lucy & another one organized by my close colleagues 🙂

This year, it was a bit more special but more intimate.  I felt as if my birthday went on for 3 days as I got overwhelming # of greetings in my facebook account.  I answered each & every message as all of them touched my heart.  Thanks to my friends who greeted me in Facebook, Twitter, Plurk & Text.  Though it may have just been 5 words long of virtual greetings, they really meant a lot to me.  It made my day more special than ever..

My day started with Lucy greeting me a happy birthday.  She informed me that someone delivered flowers at 6AM and it was from Nick, it was so sweet.  Lucy, on the other hand, cooked spaghetti & chicken for breakfast.  She knows I’ve always loved her spaghetti, home-cooked ones are still the best.

I then headed on out as Jo organized for us to meet for brunch at her house.  The plan was to watch DVD while eating.  We did as such and we watched “The Back-up Plan“.  We ordered Shakey’s for delivery and had a great bonding session for 2 hours.  Within that time span, I got a call from my mom and auntie!  I really felt my day was already complete..

Roch with colleagues

After lunch, we drove to the office and started our working day.  I, however, got another surprise from Nick at work.  He sent me another bouquet of roses, this time 2 dozen with a lil teddy bear!  I was shocked coz I thought that the bouquet he sent in the morning was already his gift for my birthday.  But then, the surprise didn’t end there.

When I got home, Lucy told me that I got another bouquet of roses waiting for me at home.  I was like, what???  Another bouquet of roses from Nick!!  I was just in shock!  Though Nick is a million miles away, he really made his presence felt.  I felt so blessed 🙂

I thought that my day already ended and all there was to do was to rest & watch TV.  But, Nick’s cousin dropped by my house and left a yummy chocolate cake & another gift from Nick (he sent me a gift already last monday).  I was like, wow!  At that same time, I was actually talking to him on the internet as he took the morning off so he could spend my birthday with me even just via online.  It was a great day & I was just so happy! 😀

The next day, Christina & I had lunch at Dad’s/Saisaki/Kamayan, we availed of their Dad’s ultimate buffet.  The food was okay but the company was great!  Christina has been my best friend since elementary, we updated each other with our lives while we ate at the buffet.  So nice to have spent post birthday with a dear dear friend..  this was Saturday..

Roch with BFF

On Sunday, I had dinner with another best friend of mine, Sharleen.  Sharleen was my close friend from college.  Her husband, Francis, is a very very nice guy too.  I actually feel like they’re my (mom and dad)/friends hahahaha!  They treated me to Crustasia as they know it’s one of my favorite restaurants.  They are both busy people so we didn’t stay long but I really appreciate the time they allotted just to celebrate my birthday with me 🙂

Roch with Shar & Francis

My birthday might not be as extravagant as how others celebrate but just knowing that the people I care about do remember it, I’m already satisfied & very happy..  Thanks again to everyone!

These are the sets of online photo albums for my 33rd happy birthday weekend celebration:

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