Breakfast at Kilimanjaro Kafe

Breakfast at Plantation Bay Cebu is definitely the best at Kilimanjaro Kafe.  Kilimanjaro Kafe is one of the 4 major eating places at Plantation Bay, it serves international cuisine & is open for 24 hours.  We decided to have breakfast there twice.  The place is situated just in the middle of their artificial pool/beach which is perfect because you really feel as if you’re on the seaside enjoying your meal.

The view anywhere in Plantation is great, but Kilimanjaro is definitely the place to be during breakfast as you are surrounded on all sides by the beach, the trees, and the beauty of such a resort.  In fact, you definitely see a lot of people enjoying their swim, even as early as 9 or 10 in the morning.  With Kilimanjaro, you not only get a great breakfast, but you also get the relaxing atmosphere of that beachfront setting.

Kilimanjaro Kafe is especially full during breakfast, because of its central location, relaxing atmosphere, great food, and definitely their amazing breakfast buffet.  As you see in the picture, most of the guests are foreigners.  We, on the other hand, are Filipinos but I must admit I feel like a tourist there.  I really have to take some time to tour our beautiful country.  Lots of sights to see, Plantation Bay is one of them.

kilimanjaro plantation 5

In Kilimanjaro Kafe, you can either go Ala Carte or avail of their buffet.  We tried both since we stayed at Plantation Bay Cebu for 3 days & 2 nights.

Ala Carte

If you’re not that hungry, then I would suggest you just go & opt for Ala Carte.  There weren’t too much choices (I distinctly remember their breakfast menu only has 6 items hehehe!).  On our first morning at Plantation, we arrived just as the buffet was ending, and there weren’t as many diners as probably earlier.

We were served bread while we waited for our orders, with butter on the side.  It was newly toasted and tasted yummy!  the pandesal was especially nice, and most probably baked that morning.  There’s nothing like fresh baked pandesal to start off any breakfast!

kilimanjaro plantation 2

Nick ordered the Filipino breakfast (Php 450) which includes longganiza (Filipino sausage), 2 eggs (cooked any style), with garlic rice & coffee or tea.  You can also opt for the danggit (crispy fried fish which is pretty popular in Cebu).  While this particular dish wasn’t that much of a full plate, nor was it made in any special fashion, for tourists, this would definitely be a great way to be introduced to a Filipino breakfast.  It’s exactly what you would expect longganiza to be, a bit sweet, nice seasoning, and just delicious.  Eggs and garlic rice definitely make this a complete Filipino breakfast.

kilimanjaro plantation 3

I ordered their omelette.  I guess I wasn’t too hungry that time.  It was basically mixed omelette with ham, cheese, mushrooms & eggs 😛  Again, nothing special, but just the right amount, made like any ordinary omelette, but doesn’t disappoint either.  I shouldn’t eat too much of this though, can’t have too much eggs in a day.

kilimanjaro plantation 4

Breakfast Buffet

We didn’t avail the rooms w/ breakfast, so it wasn’t really mandatory for us to take breakfast, just depended if we woke up late or if we weren’t hungry at all :p

On our 2nd visit to Kilimanjaro Kafe, it was still early & I was starving.  I asked if we could have the breakfast buffet (Php 900) for that day.  Nick, who wasn’t even that hungry that time, ended up just availing of the breakfast buffet too 😛  Actually, because the ala carte menu is just a bit too limited, and for just a few hundred pesos more, you can at least get more variety.  And boy, do they have VARIETY!

They have more than enough choices for breakfast.  Croissant which according to the Plantation Bay brochure is the best out there.  Not shown in the picture are also a lot of choices for bread.  Nick seemed to like their banana bread, which he went three times to get :p  He said that it was moist and baked just perfectly making it not dry and very flavorful.

kilimanjaro plantation 6

They have different choices for cereals with milk available too ofcourse!

kilimanjaro plantation 11

And even with a buffet, one can still choose to go the healthy and light route with salad.  Kilimanjaro Kafe’s breakfast buffet also included a salad bar which had items such as kimchi, crunchy cucumber, insalata verde, frutti misti aceto balsamico, insalata caprese, garlic & chili fingers with dressings such as blue cheese dressing, thousand island dressing & french dressing.

kilimanjaro plantation 10

And of course, the usual choices: bacon, rice, pasta, sausages, squid, pork, beef & vegetables.  What was also nice was that they also had pizza, although i didn’t take any since I was more interested in the bacon.  I took like 3 servings of bacon, I just missed it!  I think though that I’m experiencing the result of such choices, as my physical exam results showed that I have extremely high cholesterol level.  The lesson here is to take moderate amounts of food especially the ones full of cholesterol & fats..

kilimanjaro plantation 12

My favorite section has always been the ones with the chef cooking the food in front of diners at the buffet.   In Kilimanjaro Kafe’s case, it’s the omelette section.  You can ask the chef to cook omelette (mixed, ham, ham & cheese or mushroom) or ask to cook sunny side up or scrambled eggs.  I asked for a mixed omelette, delicious!

kilimanjaro plantation 7

Fresh juices are also available (bottomless).  I tried both (mixed fruits, orange) but I liked the orange juice better.  When it comes to fruit juice, I prefer just having one fruit instead of mixed.  It just doesn’t taste the same.

kilimanjaro plantation 8

The fruit section is another favorite of mine.  Especially because there was yellow watermelon!!!!  Boy, I have been craving for that since 1997 (13 long years!).  The last I tried it, I was in Taiwan.  I remember I always end up being the last to leave the dining table as I was finishing up all the yellow watermelon leftovers hahaha!  I was getting nonstop of the yellow watermelon in Kilimanjaro until the buffet ended.  But of course, there were choices of mango and even melons.  Again, Kilimanjaro always seemed to have just the right amount of variety, and their fruit bar was no exception.

kilimanjaro plantation 9

I didn’t try their lunch or dinner buffet as we tried what the other restaurants in Plantation Bay had to offer.  I guess it’s nice too because we really enjoyed our breakfast meals in Kilimanjaro Kafe.  I would highly recommend, if you arrive early at Kilimanjaro Kafe, to avail of their buffet.  Only because for a few hundred pesos more, you really do have more of a variety.

Lastly, I just love where the place is located, in the center of their artificial pool, with the view of the rooms, the tourists swimming, and the sound of people just enjoying themselves.  The delicious food, the waters, the people, the atmosphere — Kilimanjaro at Plantation Bay is a must for breakfast.

Here are our pictures:


Kilimanjaro Kafe
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines 6015
(02) 505 9800

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2 observations on “Breakfast at Kilimanjaro Kafe
  1. Bryan Karl Yuson

    Micamyx and I have been there early this year. Her uncle treated us for some afternoon munch. The food is great. Too bad I was too timid that time to munch more. 😀

  2. Roch

    it's good right? Sayang you weren't able to take advantage of it, I'm sure you'll be back.. Or if you go to other buffets, you will not be timid anymore to munch more 😉


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