Breakfast at Sonya’s Garden Restaurant

Sonyas Garden Breakfast

Oh, how I love Sonya’s Garden food!  Aside from their famous lunch, they also serve breakfast!   For just Php 427.00 per person, we’ll be able to eat so much food to help us get energized for the day.  This is available from 8-10AM.

We can choose from 2 different kinds of breakfast:

  • Filipino
  • Continental

I’ve always been a rice person & was never fond of breads.  That was why I opted for the Filipino breakfast which includes a lot of dishes.  We weren’t able to finish the food because it was too much for the 2 of us.  But man, it was sooo yummy!

Before I share what we had, let me share with you what the continental breakfast consist of  for those who may want to know 🙂  Sonya’s Garden Restaurant’s Continental breakfast includes cereal w/ fresh milk & fruits, bread w/ assorted jam, ham & cheese omelette, fried potato with herbs, fried white cheese w/ honey, hot chocolate or coffee & seasonal fruits.

So now let me share the Filipino Breakfast at Sonya’s.  It was soo good & sooo worth it, believe me!  I believe a lot of people know Sonya’s Garden as a place which serves good lunch but you should definitely also try their breakfast, you won’t regret it.  We definitely had a great eating experience there.

Our yummy Filipino breakfast includes the ff.:

  • Fried Rice
  • Sonyas Garden Fried Rice

    The fried rice here is simple yet so delicious.  As with anything at Sonya’s, simplicity but with great flavor, and even their fried rice does not disappoint.  Not salty or oily at all, and the rice is not dry.  Compliments the main dishes just right.

  • Pork & Chicken Adobo
  • Sonyas Garden Adobo

    The pork and chicken adobo is of the dry kind, which also meant less oil in terms of the sauce, which can sometimes be the case with other adobos.  I liked this adobo only because it had the mixture of chicken and pork which is good because at least there’s variety all in one dish.  The seasoning was good with this dish, nothing fancy, again, I think the basic ingredients in adobo went into this dish and nothing more.  Simple, but delicious.  I’m sensing a theme here.

  • Fried Boneless Bangus
  • sonyas garden boneless bangus

    Oh fried bangus, what can I say.  Fried bangus is really one of my favorite dishes too.  I especially like the inner portion since i always feel it’s the more tastier portion.  But with this bangus, you wouldn’t mind any part of it.  I believe they marinade this for a while before they fry it, because you can really taste the garlic and a little vinegar taste to it, not to mention some spices that I just can’t figure out what it is.  I guess it’s their secret as to why it taste just so yummy.  This bangus with their rice is a great combination.

  • Omelette
  • Sonyas Garden Omelette

    Their Omelette was cooked nicely too.  One or two ingredients, cheese, and that’s it.  Did I mention that as with the rest of the menu items, this also wasn’t salty or too much.  At Sonya’s even their omelettes are light and balanced in terms of flavor  and simplicity.

  • Hot Chocolate
  • hot chocolate sonyas garden

    We can also choose from coffee or hot chocolate.  Since both of us decided to quit drinking coffee, we opted for the hot chocolate.  It was fresh, chocolate lovers would enjoy this drink.  The chocolate drink was rich and think in consistency, and the flavor was just perfect, not too sweet or not too bitter.  You can ask for more too!

    And don’t be shy in asking for their Basil Dalandan hot tea too, it’s not offered at breakfast, but if you ask, they will greatly accommodate like they did with us.  We even had two teapots of that tea, even in the mornings, that Basil Dalandan hot tea was just too good to pass up.

  • Mango Tomato Mixture
  • mango tomato mix

    Their mango tomato mixture was just that.. fresh mangoes, fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, i think just a little olive oil, and that was it.  It’s a sort of chutney and salsa mix which compliments any sort of meat or even bread.  Sonya’s actually also has this during their lunch.  It’s the freshness of the ingredients that bring out the taste in this nice little side dish.

We were also served mangoes after we were done eating the main dishes.  All dishes were healthy too as most if not all ingredients were being taken from Sonya’s Garden.  Herbs on almost all dishes.  Truly a place to go to if you wanted to eat good food and stay healthy.

Sonya’s Garden Restaurant
Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite 4123, Cavite, Philippines

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