Dad’s Ultimate Buffet

Kamayan Dads Saisaki Restaurant

I had a great time celebrating my post birthday with BFF Christina. We came from way way back, we were classmates since elementary & have been close since then.  We make it a point to go out every now & then.  The last time was actually a pig out session at Circles Buffet.  And yesterday, our bonding session was another buffet! hahaha!  This time, we tried Dad’s Ultimate Buffet (Php 620 per person).

Dad’s Ultimate Buffet has been there for the longest time.  I remember dining there with mom when I was studying.  Until now, a lot of people still go there to sample dishes from 3 renowned restaurants.  I believe its the 1st of its kind.  You can enjoy the dishes from 3 restaurants namely:

  • Dad’s – Continental
  • Kamayan – Filipino
  • Saisaki – Japanese

dads ultimate buffet

Dad’s most popular dishes in the buffet are the ham, turkey & roast beef.  Salads, pasta & other dishes were available too.  As I wanted to budget the way I eat because I can only indulge so much, I opted for the ham & turkey.  yum! 🙂

turkey dads buffet

ham dads buffet

Kamayan, on the other hand, showcases lots & lots of filipino dishes.  I tried their lechon, crablets, squid but there were like more than 10 dishes on display.  My favorite though are their desserts namely: halo halo, puto bumbong, palitaw & bibingka!  Delicious!! 😀

lechon kamayan

My favorite from the 3 though is Saisaki’s dishes.  Their tempuras are just something to crave for.  I requested a whole plate of Tempura shrimps but I removed the skin because I was trying to be healthy.  Another great dish that I always look for at Dad’s ultimate buffet is the Kani Bacon (it’s crab stick wrapped in bacon w/ Saisaki’s special sauce).  I wish I requested for more early on.

japanese saisaki

My last trip at the buffet, I went for the desserts.  They have like all kinds of desserts we can think of.  Crepes, ice cream, halo halo, cakes, chocolate fondue, bibingka, puto bumbong & a lot more.

dads ultimate buffet desserts

I wasn’t even half done but the restaurant already was closing at 2PM.  The buffet runs from 11AM to 2PM.  I really eat slow and I felt bad that I wanted to eat more but was not given a chance coz I lost track of time 🙁  Anyhow, I’ll be smarter next time & go there at exactly 11AM to enjoy the experience fully hehehe! 😛

This is us and as you can see, we were the only customers left.  Pretty obvious that we ate a lot right?  I believe Php 620 for a full buffet of 3 restaurants in one is well worth it.  You might wanna try it out with your family 🙂

roch christina at dads buffet

Dad’s Ultimate Buffet
Level 4 Bridgeway, SM Megamall EDSA, Mandaluyong City
(02) 636-3785

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