Mogu Mogu Fruit Juice Drink

Mogu Mogu

Some of you may know that I’ve been tweeting a lot about the different drinks that I’m quitting.  Purpose is mainly to have a healthier life.  I stopped drinking softdrinks & coffee.   My search for an alternative drink continues & I’m glad I came across a new drink craze, Mogu Mogu Fruit Juice Drink!

Made by Sapanan General Food, one of the leading food exporters of Thailand, Mogu Mogu is definitely popular in Thailand.  It has also swept Europe & Southeast Asia.  The good news is that it has finally arrived in the Philippines.

Mogu-Mogu is a Nata de Coco juice drink.  It’s fruit juice blended w/ Nata de Coco.  When we say fruit juice, it’s real fruit juice, and thus it contains vitamins naturally found in those fruits.  Nata de Coco, on the other hand, is a coconut jelly that is high in dietary fiber but no cholesterol and definitely zero fat.  In short, it’s a healthy drink!  Just the thing that we are looking for these days.

Mogu-Mogu comes with 6 different flavors:

  • Lychee
  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Orange

I tried all of the flavors, but I must say my favorite is the Grape flavor 🙂  As I tried to take a sip, there’s nata de coco and chewing while drinking fresh real fruit juice is soo cool!  That’s probably why those pearl drinks are popular right?  It really felt good drinking this as it’s not only yummy but it’s also soo healthy.  I don’t have to be guilty about anything.  Before I forget, you should definitely drink this cold.

Mogu Mogy Gotta Chew

Mogu Mogu Fruit Juice w/ Nata de Coco can be bought in gyms, schools, mini stop branches, 7-11 branches & major supermarkets.

You know how I am, no matter if it’s food, a product or whatever, I always make it a point to take pictures.  If you wanna see more of Mogu Mogu, then go to my Flickr.

A healthy alternative to soda and fun to drink too!  I have found something to add to my must-have drink list and it’s Mogu Mogu fruit juice!

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30 observations on “Mogu Mogu Fruit Juice Drink
  1. Penda

    I agree that Mogu Mogu rocks, but consider this:

    Mogu Mogu is NOT HEALTHIER for you than soda. this is from the label of Mogu Mogu Mango: 180 calories and 36g of sugar in a 10.8oz bottle. And this is from a can of Pepsi Throwback: 150 calories and 40g of sugar in an 8oz can. Aside from a few more grams of sugar, you’re doing nothing for yourself by drinking Mogu Mogu. There are fruit juices out there that are much better for you.

  2. sakuralovers

    like actual real fruit juice squeezed fresh fronm the tree.zero sugar,zero fat..take it ice cold and its perfect.LOL

  3. Lei

    I was able to try 4 of its flavor already. I must agree, Grapes flavor is the best among them, next to Lychee flavor. With regards to orange and pineapple flavor, I haven’t been lucky yet to see one in 7/11 branches and even in malls. I’m kinda curious about how those two flavors would taste. I have tried the mango flavor, but unfortunately, I kinda didn’t liked the taste. Anyways, I’d definitely say that mogu mogu is a drink you must try. And I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. As for me, I’m addicted to it. Can’t last a day without having a bottle or two. 🙂

  4. Nash_tyler20

    i love the lychee flavor… but i can seems to find them in any malls only in 7-11

  5. Faezal Yunus

    Jujst tried an orange Mogu Mogu and was wondering what Nata de Coco is. Thanks for the info — this is definitely a healthful alternative to the aerated drinks.

  6. kaile

    i love the lychee flavor!!! heaven in every sip! its available in Miriam College Cafe 😀

  7. me

    you are forgetting to tell us that is 69 Kcal/ 100ml. That does not seem too healthy to me..

  8. Msung11

    Where can I get Lychee Favor of Mogu Mogu, in vacinity of zip code 95014, in California, USA?  All I can find (after visiting four Asian Supermarkets) is Maxim Supermarket, and nowhere else.

  9. Alfredmalonzo

    iam a Registered Nurse and a member of the Association of Diabetics Nurses Educators of the Philippines my concern is the fructose in one of the ingredients in your products mogu mogu is it the same as the High Fructose Corn Syrup?

  10. jenn

    ..i love it.. even though its not a healthy drink…. i didn’t see any harm if we consume this in moderation:} 

  11. Michelle

    I do love the strawberry flavour, but it contains E129 Allura Red, a colouring (that obviously soungs dangerous enough as it is) that has shown to cause hyperactivity in children and is potentially carcinogenic. Think about what you consume and don’t be so gullible.


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