Seafood Buffet at Plantation Bay Cebu

During the 1st night at Plantation Bay in Cebu, we ordered room service, but for our 2nd and last night, we really wanted to experience some good food and eat out.  It was great timing that there happened to be a seafood buffet being served on that 2nd night.  I’ve always loved seafoods but my specific favorites will always still be shrimps & crabs.  So, I was really hoping that they would have a lot of my two favorite seafood items at the Plantation Bay Cebu Seafood buffet.  Well, guess what?  I got my wish & more!

All the seafoods that you can think of was probably at that buffet.  And it was so fresh!  I was truly in heaven during the course of the dinner.  I remember my nonstop smile and wanting more and more of all that seafood.  I was actually craving for more after 2 hours of eating but the buffet was done by then.  The waiters were already packing up… I guess I just loved what I was eating that I didn’t realize how full I was already.

Actually, we were just walking around waiting for the buffet to start, so were actually one of the first few that arrived, and we were able to reserve a table that was near the musician as well as close to the water.  Even the table was a great touch as we were able to enjoy our meal by a candlelight!

fresh seafood

There were different kinds of fish, shells, crabs, shrimps, lobsters & a lot more out there for us to choose from.  As you can see in the picture below, the seafoods were still raw because we were able to request a few ways in which we wanted the seafoods to be cooked.  For most of the items, we had it grilled.  There’s really nothing better than fresh grilled seafood.  The taste is just so delicious.

Basically, we just choose whatever seafood and put on our plate, get a number, and then the cooked food will be served to our table.  Fresh seafood & cooked on the spot!  What more could you ask for?  The best thing is it was just Php900!  Just imagine the lobster alone costs that much and more in most other restaurants.

You could probably tell below from that seafood spread, that I was really focusing on the lobster and all that shrimp, hahaha!

fresh seafood for cooking

Cooked food are available too!  I loved the stuffed crab there, I do however forgot to get a second serving as I was too busy eating the crabs & shrimps that I asked the chef to cook.  I couldn’t get enough of it!

food plantation seafood buffet

This part of the buffet, everyone just races to get on their plate.  So, constant were the lines that would you believe, behind this specific station there were probably around a dozen cooks grilling, prepping, plating, etc.  Every 5 minutes they had to keep refilling the plates.  That was how successful the buffet was.  And the wonderful smell coming from the grills, all that smoke, it was just a seafood grill heaven :p

cooked seafood plantation

Now, what would any buffet be without desserts?  With Plantation Bay’s Seafood Buffet, we also had some great choices of delicious desserts.  There were turon, baked goods, leche flan.  But you know, I was only able to sample 2 desserts.  As I said earlier, I was eating nonstop that I didn’t realize that the buffet had already ended.  While the other areas are being packed up, I quickly went to the dessert area & checked if there were anything left, only the leche flan & macaroons were left and which I decided to have.  And the desserts capped off my seafood buffet heaven at the Plantation Bay Cebu Seafood buffet.

desserts seafood buffet

Oh!  Sorry readers! hahahaa I was talking about the food so much that I almost forgot to share that they do actually have great music playing during the buffet.  So, not only did we have great fresh seafood in abundance, but we also had some wonderful live music accompanied by the flute.

music at seafood buffet

Before I end this post, lemme share with you my favorite from the seafood buffet.  See them?  Lobsters & crabs!!! Yes!! I was able to eat lots of it.  By the way, a very important tip if you want to go to Plantation Bay Cebu and try their seafood buffet.  Go EARLY, get the lobsters, crabs & shrimps first.  Believe me.  It was great that we did that or else, we won’t be able to experience how yummy they are.  Everyone wanted it as well, though the buffet was unlimited, their supplies weren’t.  So be wise! 😉

crabs & lobsters

Here’s Nick’s favorite: Sting Ray.  It’s really rare for buffets to serve this, and shows just the great amount of variety that Plantation’s Seafood Buffet had.  I was able to try it but it just isn’t my fave.  Glad though that Nick was able to eat this.   They were so accommodating that they were able to cook the sting ray just like Nick had requested.  It was cooked in coconut milk.


The Seafood buffet is situated in the center beach area of Plantation Bay Cebu.  And at night, under the dark sky, with the delicious food, dining with some soft and unique music accompanied with the flute, not to mention the ambiance and feeling as if you’re on the shore of a beautiful beach.   With the sand under your feet, the waters just a few meters away, the fresh air, and a great companion, it was truly a wow, wow dining experience! 😀

roch at plantation beach

Seafood Buffet
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines 6015
(02) 505 9800

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5 observations on “Seafood Buffet at Plantation Bay Cebu
  1. neLLn

    Goodness Roch, this has got to be one of the best buffets I have read about! Great article on a great buffet! I really think one should take a cholesterol inhibitor before taking part in this. Or else! @_@

  2. Roch

    unlimited lobsters, crabs & shrimps.. what else can you ask for? :D:D:D

    Now, I was asked by doctor not to eat them anymore hahaha!


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