Tong Yang Hot Pot

Tong Yang Hot Pot

If you want to try out a shabu-shabu hot pot then it’s best to go to Tong Yang Hot Pot.  Tong Yang offers a buffet with a decent price of Php 560 per person (cheaper when you go during weekday lunch time).  It has a great variety of ingredients for diners to choose from.  You can get as much as you want as long as you can finish everything on your table.  If you happen to have leftovers, you’ll be charged additional Php 500 on top of the buffet price.

Tong Yang Shabu Shabu

There are like over 100 items to choose from like lapu-lapu, oysters, cooked crabs (limited supply), gindara, fish fillet (the best!), meat tender cuts, fresh vegetables, squid balls, fish balls, hotdogs, kikiam, luncheon meat, intestines, squid, tofu, shrimps and a whole lot more!

Rice, bread & cooked noodles are available too for consumption.  Beverages, which is all you can drink, are also included in the buffet package [softdrinks, pineapple juice, iced tea, dalandan juice, coffee & even San Miguel Beer! (hahaha!)].

tong yang menu 3

tong yang menu 1

tong yang menu 2

tong yang menu 4

There are 2 ways for us to cook the food:

  • simmer the ingredients with the soup
  • fry it using butter in the metallic plate

We can choose from 8 soups to go well with Shabu-Shabu: Chicken, Sate, Sinigang, Vegetarian, Kimchi, White Soup (Pork), Taiwan Mala and Seafood Soup.

The soup literally is perfect with many of the seafood items at the buffet. We tried the shrimp which was very tasty, fresh, and tender. The tofu, which is by far always a favorite of mine, also went well with the soup. With a whole lot of taste infused in their soups, great seasoning, yet never overpowering the great natural taste of the fresh seafood or any of the meats, it was just simply delicious.

I liked the spicy sate soup the best, but of course it really depends on your taste 🙂  I especially enjoyed the fish fillet being cooked in butter, oh that was soo yummy, can’t get enough of it.  Also enjoyed the meat tender cuts cooked either way too! The meat, you must make sure to keep an eye on since they are thin cuts.

Tong Yang Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Special sauces are also available for us to complement the food that we’re eating.  Sauces like teriyaki sauce, egg sauce, native sauce & soy sauce.  My favorite is the egg sauce, it already has everything in it (sate, egg, chili, onions & garlic).  If you want to just dig in and not worry about seasoning the food perfectly, then the egg sauce is the way to go.  A good close second would probably be the native sauce.

Tong Yang Sauce

I was already too full by then but the meal just isn’t complete without taking some desserts.  Tong Yang has great choices for desserts.  They offer fresh fruits, Halo Halo (a Filipino dessert favorite) & ice cream (Big Scoop brand)!   Have Halo halo with as much ube as you want, that’s the great thing about this buffet, even the desserts can be made with just the proportion that you want.   Definitely can’t do that at most other restaurants.

Tong Yang Dessert Area

Tong Yang Ice Tea

Whew!  Even just reliving the Tong Yang experience makes me feel so full already hahahaha!  I can even remember that I didn’t even have enough appetite to eat dinner (we had lunch at Tong Yang).  So if you’re really really hungry & craving for something hot, filling, and fresh, then Tong Yang Hot Pot is the way to go.

Tong Yang Hot Pot
1498 Quezon Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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