Sometimes you come across a product that is just so useful and different from the rest that you want to share to those you know.  And this week, I discovered such a product!  I’m actually quite excited to let you know about a brand of high performance towel that is made from ultrafine microfiber.  It’s […]

Brain Twisters

Charlie Munger is an advocate of using interdisciplinary discipline in solving problems.  As an example, in solving a business problem one must not simply be restricted using business or economic concepts and solutions.  But must also take into consideration psychology, biology, sociology, and any other disciplines.  Restricting to one’s discipline, would be like, according to […]

The A-Team Movie Review

It was a spur of the moment movie date with Jen and I’m glad we decided to watch The A-Team!  I loved it!   It was sooo cool!  I haven’t watched the original TV series so there’s nothing to compare with on my part. I believe the movie was well-made though.  It really was an […]

Mt. Apo: Kapatagan-Kidapawan Trail

Mount Apo. Situated at Davao del Sur in Mindanao, it is the grandfather of Philippine mountains with the highest peak in the Philippines. I barely remember why we suddenly wanted to climb this, but a good guess would be as training for the sudden Kota Kinabalu Climbathon. And why are we going to the KK […]

And I Love You So Movie Review

It’s not just english movies that I try to catch on TV every weekends.  I also do browse the channel CinemaOne for famous filipino movies.  Last saturday, they featured Bea Alonzo’s movie: And I Love You So. My apologies because it seems that most of my movie reviews are for old movies and not the […]

The Spirit Movie Review

It has become a habit for me to watch movies every weekend on television.  A few weeks back, I was able to catch the movie, Teeth, through Star Movies.  Last weekend, I was able to catch The Spirit. When I watched the movie, I initially thought that it was directed by Quentin Tarantino because the […]

Beyond Numbers and Words

To the real fathers’ : whose wallet does not contain thick moneybills but is thick with pictures of his family and lots of discount cards and coupons. whose pride is not having lots of women but loving and caring for one in his life. whose abs are not well defined, but whose childrens’ future is. […]

Flying Sky Lanterns at Boracay

Boracay is in itself a paradise.  So, it was such a joy that we were finally able to have our offsite office teambuilding at Boracay.  Everyone was just excited that of all the places we could have the teambuilding, it was in the beautiful beaches of Boracay that it was held.  While we had a […]

A Different View

During the summer, I had a problem.  It was really hot.  Our house was made out of four-inch concrete and tiles for floor.  I was like a pig in an oven.  I can’t sleep well.  Two fans just won’t make it.  The cost of an air conditioner is about Php 10,000.  But I’m too cheap […]

Fast Forward with HP Value Equation

I live and breathe technology because I’m really a techie by heart.   I’ve always tried to be up-to-date with the latest technologies.  I’m just glad that Noemi tagged me along to the HP New Product Introduction Press Launch. Traditional media were the main attendees, Noemi & I were actually the only bloggers who attended.  […]