XO Kitchen

The other day, my colleagues & I decided to eat out for dinner.  We planned to dine at another restaurant but ended up going the wrong way.  We saw this newly opened restaurant called XO Kitchen & decided to try it out. The place is actually just small but it was well designed.  They have this […]


In 1626, Peter Minuit was said to have bought the Manhattan Island from the local Indian inhabitants for a load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders equating to around $24.  If that amount was invested instead at 8% return annually and left to compound (grow) how much […]

Digital Meridian System

Digital Meridian System or DMS (Php 1,400) is one of the wellness treatments available at Nurture Spa Village.  Actually, we went to reception and asked if there was a wellness talk available that day.  It was because I saw in the room brochure that wellness talks are given for free every weekends & by request. […]

Tanglad Bistro

The official dining place of Nurture Spa Village is Tanglad Bistro.   They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner.   When you purchase a package at Nurture Spa, it usually includes breakfast & lunch or dinner. Christina & I chose to have dinner there instead of lunch so we could just relax, enjoy the atmosphere, and […]

Shinjuku Ramen House

It was the day when Typhoon Basyang striked Metro Manila.  Most of us didn’t have electricity & much worse, some of us didn’t have water & phones as well.  At dinner time, we decided to dine out at Shinjuku Ramen House.  Since it was rainy, ramen was the best food item to eat. There were […]

Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

My last stop for our Ongpin adventure was Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant.  I wasn’t able to join the whole day trip as I had a seminar to attend in the afternoon.  Sincerity is famous for their chicken & I was only able to sample it just last month when we ordered takeout at their Greenhills […]

Tasty Dumplings

My colleagues & I had a great Binondo adventure last weekend.  We walked around Binondo, Manila & sampled every popular Chinese dish in the city.  It was munch munch day for us!  No diet for the day Our 1st stop was at Tasty Dumplings.  We ordered all their specialty dishes & we were all happy […]

The Tea Republic

July 2010 has just started but I already had lunch at The Tea Republic twice.  I used to eat a lot there when my mom was still working in Makati.  The Tea Republic used to be my mom’s favorite hang-out place, no matter if it was morning (breakfast) or noontime (lunch). I’ve always seem to […]

Wabi-Sabi Noodle House & Vegetarian Grocery

I’ve been hearing a lot about “The Collective” but had no idea what it was until last night.  It’s a new place in Makati City that has a lot of unique establishments all in one area all clustered together which is definitely why it’s called “The Collective”.  One of these such collectives is Wabi-Sabi Noodle […]

Sala Bistro

I attended a very enlightening event by Intel & guess what?  It’s not just learnings that I couldn’t forget but also the awesome food that we had eaten that day.  It was my 1st time at Sala Bistro & I must say, the service, the restaurant, the food were all top-notch! It seems to me […]