Digital Meridian System

Digital Meridian System or DMS (Php 1,400) is one of the wellness treatments available at Nurture Spa Village.  Actually, we went to reception and asked if there was a wellness talk available that day.  It was because I saw in the room brochure that wellness talks are given for free every weekends & by request.

After an hour, we were called from our room that the person conducting the wellness talk was ready & waiting for us.  We arrived at the pavilion expecting a presentation setup.  Then we realized that it’s actually not just a wellness talk but also a health check too.

digital meridian system nurture spa

DMS is actually a computerized check up to scan our health.  Are we healthy?  Are we foreseeing any illnesses?  The person told us that the DMS is 80-90% accurate.  We were excited to find out about our own results!

The gadget is connected to the computer and we get to see instructions being shown on the laptop monitor.  The staff is following the acupoint position in the screen & puts the scanner on our hands & feet.  I took a peek at the container and saw that it was made in China 😛

dms nurture 1

dms nurture 2

dms nurture spa

The scanning process only takes about 5 minutes.  The rest of the session were used to explain the results & also some tips for wellness 🙂

Let me share with you the results I got from the test.  Actually, I got a bit worried that I have a low mental state!  Wahhh!! what does that mean?  I didn’t get the answers coz obviously the DMS is just for scanning & doesn’t tell us how and doesn’t tell us the cure.  It’s just a tool for making us aware of our health state.

dms nurture 3

Then I saw the ff. results.  Out of 8 body functions, I got 3 sub-healths.  It’s really worrying.  I wonder what I should do to make myself healthier in those areas.

dms nurture 4

After sharing with us the findings from the DMS gadget, we were given tips for a healthier life.  According to the speaker, there are 8 things that we should consider namely: nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperature, air, rest & lastly, trust in God.

dms nurture 5

I remembered some important items:

  • avoid drinking water during meals especially cold water since it dilutes gastric juice.  The recommended time is to drink 1-2 hours after meal & 10-15 minutes before meals.
  • sunlight provides vitamin D, decreases blood cholesterol & a killer of bacteria.
  • golden period for sleeping is 9-12MN.  this is the time when our brain recharges, sleeping during those hours also slows down aging process.
  • 10PM to 2AM is not the time for eating as this is the time when the liver cleanses the blood.

It was a very well-spent 30minutes during our Nurture Spa stay.  You might wanna try it out too when you visit Nurture Spa in Tagaytay.

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