Shinjuku Ramen House

It was the day when Typhoon Basyang striked Metro Manila.  Most of us didn’t have electricity & much worse, some of us didn’t have water & phones as well.  At dinner time, we decided to dine out at Shinjuku Ramen House.  Since it was rainy, ramen was the best food item to eat.

There were lots of customers that day but most are foreigners (Japanese to be specific).  Since Shinjuku is a Japanese restaurant, this isn’t something to be surprised about.  Although I find the restaurant’s prices to be expensive, I must admit the food does taste good.

Service is also not something I’m impressed with.  When I asked for the soup that comes w/ my order of fried rice, I had to follow up 3 times from different servers before it could be served to me.

Here is what we ordered:

  • Gyoza (Php 250)

Probably one of the best gyoza I have eaten so far.  It was made perfectly, I wish I knew how they did it so I can try it  at home 😛  I think if you want to make a great gyoza like this, you really have to make sure that when you pan sear  the pan definitely has to be super hot!  Thus, you get this wonderful crisp outer covering.  And the taste is just mouth watering.  The difference in textures really give this dish that extra level of detail.  You have 2 choices, either order the 4 pieces gyoza (Php 165) or the 6 pieces one (Php 250).  Dip it with Shinjuku’s special sauce & you got one of the yummiest gyoza.

  • Gekikara (Php 280)

If you love spicy food (like really spicy) then this ramen is for you.

  • Chashu Men (Php 280)

We can probably describe this dish best as the basic Japanese ramen.  The great thing about restaurants that are authentic Japanese restaurants is that you get soup just like this.  The basic ramen, but with attention to detail.  I’m pretty sure that their broth has most probably been slow cooked and simmered for hours, which makes these soups just a bit above par from the normal run of the mill broths.  With great fresh ingredients, definitely worth ordering.

  • Shoyu Ramen (Php 230)

I have no idea regarding the difference of this dish with Chashu Men coz both definitely looked the same to me.  Must be the broth I guess?  Well, on second thought it definitely is the broth since this broth was a bit lighter.  I just wished I asked the difference in the taste.

  • Ebi Chahan (Php 240)

I know Shinjuku’s fried rice is overpriced.  With just one cup of fried rice, it will cost us Php240.  It was yummy and I can’t help but order that day.  Every bit of rice was tasty, I guess the only premium ingredient in that dish is the shrimp (Ebi in Japanese).  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.  The soup is a great complement to the fried rice too.  But it is definitely a gourmet type of fried rice since it’s really filled with ingredients too, so in that case, it’s a bit above and beyond the normal fried rice.

  • Yakisoba (Php 240)

The restaurant’s version of yakisoba.  It has a lots of ingredients, a full-blown menu item, very rich with taste & flavor.  It includes squid, shrimps, meat, vegetables, wow, too many in 1 simple dish good for one.  If you’re a seafood fan, then this may be something you want to try out.  A sort of mini seafood platter combined with noodles.   It definitely could be refined in its presentation, but other than that, definitely a very interesting dish.

Shinjuku is located at Makati Avenue.  It has lots of parking spaces so you don’t have to worry about that.  I can see myself eating there often for the next days to come as rainy season is here.  I just have to be careful as the prices are steep, might hurt my budget hehehe 😛

Shinjuku Ramen House
7853 Makati Ave. cor. Hercules St., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 890-6107

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5 observations on “Shinjuku Ramen House
  1. Sharleen

    i liked their chirashi too… try it if you're fond of sushi…. but haven't gone back since i resigned work… 😀

  2. Melendrezgraceann

    I ate in this restaurant with my husband who’s a Japanese.The foods were delicious but of course expensive! I wanna eat again in this place. ^_^


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