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My last stop for our Ongpin adventure was Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant.  I wasn’t able to join the whole day trip as I had a seminar to attend in the afternoon.  Sincerity is famous for their chicken & I was only able to sample it just last month when we ordered takeout at their Greenhills branch.  But like the saying goes, best to eat dishes at their original branch so that’s were we had our lunch.

They may not have the best of ambiance and decorations, but the fact that, as expected, it had a very Chinese feel when we entered the restaurant, made dining very authentic.  Red lanterns, Chinese symbols, Buddha & Chinese people all around the place.  Authentic Chinese FTW! :P:P

You will see articles written about the restaurant & posters of their famous dishes framed & hung on their walls.  Something to view while we waited for our orders.

The restaurant is a busy, busy place.  They had a steady stream of customers every few minutes or so.  When I asked the waitress if she could take a picture of us, she practically declined.  What a disappointment but I guess they prioritized getting orders delivered fast.  That’s how busy they are.

It was a quick lunch.  We ordered the ff.:

  • Sincerity Fried Chicken (Php 150)

This is what Sincerity is famous for.  I think the thing that separates them is how they fry their chicken.  It’s basically the home-style way.  Their chicken parts are not too big so you can easily finish a few pieces of it on your own.  Once in a while, home-style fried chicken is just what we need.  No extra spices, no special sauces, but just great chicken that is perfectly fried and seasoned.  Sincerity definitely provides this.

  • Fried Oyster Cake (Php 120)

They say that Sincerity Restaurant’s oyster cake is also to die for.  I do not know why but I wasn’t impressed with this dish.  I like oyster cake even if I’m not fond of oysters.  But the oysters really stood out in this dish which didn’t make me quite appreciate it as much.  My colleagues loved this dish by the way.  So, if you’re fond of oyster cake that is actually really loaded with oysters, then this dish is probably for you.  But, if you’re like me and prefer a more light tasting oyster cake, then try to stay away from this dish.

  • Ki-Kiam (Php 100)

We call this the true kikiam hahahaha!  We ordered 2 pieces of Kikiam (Php50 each), they sliced it into bite pieces.  It’s basically a pork appetizer dish.  It was good especially if you dip it in ketchup.  If you prefer spicy, then dip it in hot sauce 🙂

  • Black Gulaman (Php 40)

I loved this!  Nothing special as all black gulaman taste the same but still, who can really go wrong with black gulaman since it’s one of my favorite drinks anyway 🙂

I think I already got my dose of Sincerity Chicken.  I probably won’t be craving for it anytime soon.  Not really something I would want to eat often, probably just once in awhile.  Glad that I was able to try it, at least I’m not behind of what’s hot in the must-try Chinese restaurants in the metro.  If you are planning a food trip of sorts in the Binondo area, then go ahead and try Sincerity’s Chicken with it’s very authentic Chinese dining atmosphere.

Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant
497 Yuchengco Street, Binondo, Manila, Philippines
(02) 241-9972

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5 observations on “Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant
  1. Alex_tan0074

    Sana u also tried their duck misua soup and their lomi, yan yung sikat dyan. Dyan ako nag mimirienda twing after office ko dito sa binondo, sometimes sa quick snack. Theyre famous for their sate beef chami, fried lumpia and indonesian tofu. Both sincerity and quik snack has been operating even before my mom met my dad so dat was a loooooooong time ago hahahaha

  2. Robert_cua

    Sincerity has an outlet in San Juan

    Wu Xiang House of Chicken
    213-A Ibanez St., cor. Abad Santos,
    Little Baguio, San Juan, MM
    722-5438 / 727-1390


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