Tanglad Bistro

The official dining place of Nurture Spa Village is Tanglad Bistro.   They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner.   When you purchase a package at Nurture Spa, it usually includes breakfast & lunch or dinner.

Christina & I chose to have dinner there instead of lunch so we could just relax, enjoy the atmosphere, and not have to leave the compound.  Nothing extraordinary with the restaurant’s design but the food was decent.  We had 2 options as to where we wanted to be seated.

The indoor area w/ an Indian inspired theme (is it really Indian? felt like it :P).  Most of the guests who brought laptops prefer to stay here.  There’s wifi available & you can easily call the waiters to your table since most of them tend to stay in that area.

tanglad bistro indoor

The outside area only has 1 table.  I’m thinking that they might be using this area for romantic dinner setups.  It’s especially beautiful to dine there at night because you get to see the beautiful view of Nurture Spa village while you eat.

The only thing that I disliked in the outdoor area were all the mosquitos.  There was just too many & it gets really distracting while you have your meal.

tanglad bistro outdoor

nurture spa view

We tried to dine at both areas.  Might as well get to experience everything right?  We had breakfast at the indoor area while we had our dinner at the outdoor area.  Different experiences altogether.

night and day tanglad

For dinner:

We were served a full set meal (Php 650).  We get to choose from their entree menu & get to have soup or salad + dessert.  As both of us are trying to be healthy, we ordered fish.

We were served potato leek soup which was their soup of the day that time.  The potato leek soup wasn’t really out of this world, but it was still good.  Creamy, which you expect from potato soup, and the added leek gave it a little of a unique taste which was nice.

After the meal, we were served dessert.  The dessert of the day was supposed to be chocolate cake but I requested if we could be served a different menu item as both of us aren’t fond of chocolates.  I was so glad that the server obliged with our request.  The dessert ended up being crème brûlée, which was definitely more to my liking.

I was impressed that they can be flexible with their customer’s needs. 🙂

extra dinner tanglad

As I mentioned, both our main course were fish.  Christina ordered the Black Treasure Fish w/c is a Pacific Dory fillet cooked in oyster garlic sauce, bell pepper & shitake mushroom.  I honestly think the combination of ingredients in this dish really are excellent together.  The oyster garlic sauce with the mushrooms is really something that just makes sense with a fish dish like this.

fish mushroom tanglad

I, on the other hand, ordered the Spice Blackened Pacific Dory.  It’s basically pan-fried Pacific Dory with sauce made of mango butter.  It was delicious!  I loved it!  I especially liked how the mango wasn’t too overpowering but complemented the sauce quite nicely, it still had that nice butter sauce taste with a lingering taste of mango.  Great execution on this dish.  The fish was cooked nicely too, still very tender and moist while keeping that nice outer crust.

fish mango tanglad

For breakfast:

The next day, we had our breakfast at the indoor area. I was expecting a buffet type of breakfast but apparently not, w/c actually made a lot of sense as there aren’t much people in the place.  Best to serve the food ala carte & newly cooked.

Just like their dinner offering, it was also a set menu (Php 350).  We were given 4 choices: Filipino, continental, American or healthy breakfast.  All comes with coffee, chocolate drink or tea.  I must say, their tarragon tea was just superb!  I think I asked for 3 refills of this.  It was that good!

breakfast drinks tanglad

I ordered the Filipino breakfast. I wanted to eat healthy but cereal is really not my thing.  Christina ordered the healthy one.  It is fruits topped with oats served with soymilk & yogurt.  It soooooooooo looked yummy!!!

breakfast cereal tanglad

To top it all off, fruits were served as well as dessert.

breakfast dessert tanglad

I ordered the Filipino breakfast, particularly the tocino one.  The other choices were longganisa, beef tapa & bangus.  As usual with most Filipino style breakfast, it comes with fried rice & egg.

tocino tanglad

One thing that I most love in the restaurant & throughout the Nurture Spa Village is their service.  The staff were really accommodating, helpful & friendly.  Most of all, they really do focus all their activities with the customer in mind, which other establishments’ staff don’t have.

Great food coupled with excellent customer service = good dining experience.  That’s what I felt when we dined at Tanglad Bistro.

Tanglad Bistro
Nurture Spa Village, Brgy. Maitim II West, Tagaytay City, Philippines
(02) 584-4228

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3 observations on “Tanglad Bistro
  1. bate

    On November 23, 2011 I booked online via Agoda the most
    expensive room in nurture spa and got the online confirmation that says
    “all rooms are guaranteed”. I was completely burnt out that day from
    work so I called all my clinics for that weekend and cancelled them. Ive used
    Agoda several times in the past, both for hotels in the Philippines as well as
    abroad and Ive never had any problems with their service, well except now… I
    read some of these reviews especially this incident of how this couple was given
    a makeshift room so for the first time in my life i decided to call the day
    before my booking to confirm. First time i called nurture spa, they had me call
    them back. 2nd time i called they said they would call me back. After 4 hours
    of waiting, i called again for the 3rd time, they said they would call me back.
    Finally got the callback and I was told that they were fully booked and asked
    me to change my sked. So I cancelled instead. Called taal vista and they
    confirmed upon the first phone call. I know it may sound impossible but i will
    try my best to get nurture spa off agoda, they are making agodas service a


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