My Favorite World of Warcraft (WoW) Add-Ons

A year ago, I wrote an entry stating that I had cancelled my World of Warcraft (WoW) subscription.  That was because I realized that it had become addicting & I had to stop myself from playing too much.

Well, just last week, when people were raving about Starcraft II, I decided to play WoW again.  Just to get a feel of it, and to know if I am still a gamer.  Do I still love PC games a lot?  And the answer is yes!  Hahaha!  I’m actually thinking of creating a site dedicated to World of Warcraft LOLz!!

Anyway, in this post, I will share with you the add-ons I use in order to make my WoW gaming experience more enjoyable & less stressful:

  • QuestHelper

quest helper

this is indispensable for me.  It helps me finish my quests faster.  It provides for me the locations where I can find the monsters or things I need to finish the quest.  It’s a huge database considering how big the game already is.  Looking at the notes, seems like the creators won’t be updating this further, I hope someone picks it up & continues working on the add-on.  It will be a waste if they stop developing QuestHelper.  If that happens, I may need to find an alternative.

  • TomTom


for WoW maps & minimaps.  My main use of this add-on is for 2 things: coordinates a window that can let me see my character’s exact location & an arrow that points out where my character’s corpse is.

  • Overachiever


If you’re like me, someone who wants to complete all the achievements in WoW then this add-on is for you.  It shows us our progress with our achievements.  One thing that I love with this add-on is whenever we need the item or NPC for an achievement, it shows up when you hover your curser over it so you’d know what to do.

  • SellJunk


the name says it all.  It helps us sort out all the junk in our bags and with just a click, we can automatically sell them all.  No need to waste time in clicking the items that we need to sell one by one — wohoo! 🙂

  • EveryQuest


I’m OC and I bet a lot of WoW players are too.  We want to complete each & every quest available in a faction.  EveryQuest can help us track that, plus it lists down all available quests in every area.

  • Auctioneer


Very useful when you auction, it gives you complete listings, age of auction & a lot more.  A must-have for every WoW player.

  • ArkInventory


Once you play WoW, you really need to learn how to act fast, think fast & do a lot of things at the same time.  In the game, we are given bag slots.  It’s a pain whenever you need to find a certain item and you forget which bag you put it in.  You have to open each bag to see where it’s at.  With this add-on, it helps organize the items by category.  When you click on one bag, you can see your items neatly organized in a single glance.

  • Atlas


for some weird reason, WoW does not provide us maps of instances/dungeons.  This add-on helps fill this gap.  Unless you want to explore blindly, then I would suggest you to download this add-on.
What’s yours?

** I’m currently playing at stormscape server as a blood elf mage.  If you play there too, add me up.  My horde character’s name is fruitshake. **

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4 observations on “My Favorite World of Warcraft (WoW) Add-Ons
  1. jeromel lapitan

    you should try addon control panel. it lets you enable and disable addons without logging out. here are some addons you can try:

    carbonite can take the place of tomtom and questhelper.

    CT-Core has a lot of options for manipulating your mailbox and other nifty stuff to your chat window.

    WIM makes your whispers look and feel like YM or MSN.

    Healbot makes playing a healer easier.

    Tidyplates and the Threatplates module shows the threat of your character to a mob. really useful when in a group.

    Factionizer is a helpful tool for grinding rep.


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