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I just got news that one of my favorite clothing stores, Solo, has just launched its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection featuring Larry Alcala!  Oh my golly, I remember that I used to look forward to reading the Sunday newspaper since Larry Alcala had a popular cartoon series wherein we were tasked to find his images concealed in the cartoons.  The series was called Slice of Life which is a reflection of the unique aspects of everyday life in our country, the Philippines.

It’s really so nice that Solo chose to feature Larry Alcala’s works in their products.  Imagine having those awesome work on our shirts, dresses, long sleeves & accessories!  Wow!  I cannot wait to get hold of one.  I mean, fashion and art combined is just a great way to show off your personality and style.  For those who love great fitting clothes, wonderful eye-catching clothing, and great style, you really cannot go wrong with any of these great items!

  • His & Hers (Php795 to Php845)

his and hers solo

For many Filipinos, I think these are just really so great to wear.  Considering that we live in a warm to hot climate, having fashionable t-shirts like these combined with the one of a kind artwork is really a great way to stand out from the crowd.

  • Ladies’ (Php795 to Php1,795)

dresses solo

I looked at these dresses, and just said WOW at how they are fitted and styled.  Add the artwork and you have one amazing set of dresses.  It’s really just so cute!  I especially like the white dress with the pink styling!  And for those who need a trendy outfit for the day, to go out with friends, I think these dresses really will be great for such occasions.

ladies pants vest

I have a few of these type of clothes, but again, with SOLO’s added flair and the cartoon drawings, I don’t think we can find such items in any type of wardrobe.  Not even my wardrobe! hahaha :p

  • Men’s (Php795 to Php1,695)

men polo solo

I don’t usually mind men’s clothing since I don’t shop for it, but I looked at their collection for men and I was just so surprised at how fashionable and unique they were.  The designs are one-of-a-kind, and I honestly wouldn’t mind my fiancé wearing some of these.

men vest pants solo

The shorts and the vest combination is really so cooool!  When I looked at these I immediately thought of Jason Mraz!  And honestly, a lot of these clothes would look so great on so many people.  And that’s what I like about this line of clothing, a lot of people can wear it.

  • Accessories

solo accessories

And just when you thought that the clothing line was all there was, they also have accessories to match the clothing!  Oh wow!  I can’t believe once again at just how unique and so fashionable these items are.  And they’re one-of-a-kind.  So many people, when they see you with any of the accessories will really take notice.

Here’s my favorite from this must-have limited special edition:
Solo Ladies Boyfriend Shirt

As I’ve said in my previous blog entries, I have a certain fondness with yellow apparel.  And upon browsing through the wonderful Larry Alcala Memorabilia Collection, I just had to pick the yellow Ladies’ Boyfriend Shirt (Php 1,795).  Coincidentally, this is their anti-smoking movement shirt which I super support.  Can’t wait to wear this soon!

You can also view the collection from Solo’s website & pick your own favorite Larry Alcala product! 🙂  Tell me which one you like!  Let’s exchange notes 😀

While we find time to go to Solo & buy our favorite item, why not join the Solo Online Model Search too?  Mechanics are actually simple.  Plus, you’ll get a chance to win Php20,000 in cash & Php15,000 in Solo gift certificates!

solo model search

Head on over to Solo online model search website for the complete set of rules.  I’m seriously thinking about joining too hahaha, there’s really no harm in trying right?

Again, if you still want to know more about Solo, its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection featuring Larry Alcala & Solo Online Model Search,  then go follow Solo on Facebook & Twitter.

Oh my, I’m really so excited!  I can’t wait to go to Solo stores & try out the different items in the collection.  And I think I’ll be able to do so tomorrow!  Wee!

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